Relationship between TLOD and Trees

Variable refresh rate. Looks like you might. That may be the key to your stutter free experience.

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ah yes the X34GS has VRR and G-Sync

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That’s a decent stutter protector.

That would be great, dynamic LOD with adjustable min and max settings. :grinning:


First of all, you locking the frames at 30 fps, which is horrible compared to anything over 45 fps(and please, let’s not get into this predicament that 30 fps is more than enough in a flight sim). Second, I call bull on that you don’t get any stutters. What you might perceive as no stutters is just maybe you learning to live with the stutters. Yes, you do get less stutters while you lower the fps, but they are still there.

But there is no way, that you are getting a complete smooth experience with the FBW at least. Time after time I hear people stating they get no stutters at all, but when I ask for fps counter, you can clearly see that there are stutters. Just don’t get that one.

But as I stated, I can run this sim at 55+ fps, Asobo just needs to unload some of the workload from one single core to the others. That’s it. Why haven’t they even stated if it will happen in the future? Is it because it can’t be done? Just don’t get it after 2 years.


The Main Thread isn’t a single core. It will slow a system down before any core hits 100% in many cases. It is how long it takes all cores to process each new frame.

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Correct. That’s what I meant.

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Yea true fbw etc you still get stutters even with my i9-10900k not much stutters but a lil bit I never fly GA

I will try and capture a video - not sure the best way to do this?

But what do you gain from 55+fps vs 30fps

Bragging rights.

In most games a higher FPS is better, I mean it would be in MSFS too, but in MSFS, chasing high FPS and high fidelity graphics at the same time is a path to stutters.

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It’s not bragging rights. On a 48inch 4K tv with Gsync makes a BIG difference between 30 fps and 60 fps.

At 60 fps, there is not a single tear. Butter smooth. When you are panning views around it is a very pleasant experience.

Believe me it’s got nothing to do with bragging, but that it is 100% better experience.

Let’s be real about one thing, those that say they are fine with 30 fps say it because that’s what they can settle cuz they can’t get anymore. But if you could, then why stay at 30 fps.

Again, this is not so much of an issue of getting more fps, but rather getting smoother high fps. Anything under 45 fps just makes me go nuts. I rather have those tiny occasional stutters than to be at 30 fps.

Asobo just needs to balance out the workload on the CPU. Once the fix the main thread issue, the sim will truly unleash its full potential. Why they haven’t figured it out by now is beyond me.


Sigh…I wasn’t saying you were bragging… just that higher FPS is worth bragging about.

You missed my point, and it isn’t a matter of life and death here, but you really don’t need to explain why higher is better with FPS. We all understand that.

The point here is, why are we talking about monitors in a TLOD thread?

Because the Main Thread introduces stutters. At least
It does unless your extra expensive monitor can provide supplemental help keep that refresh rate smooth.

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I can get more but you really don’t need more than 30fps if it is set up correctly. I get no tearing either.

The reason for limiting the game to 30fps is it is much smoother, stutters less, uses less power, generates less heat and leaves some overhead for more complex situations. Think about it, if your system is going BTTW all the time then anything that increases the demand at a given moment is going to cause stutters.

I’ve had 60fps out of this sim. I tried 50 and 40 too. If you set it up correctly there is zero difference between 30 and 60. The sim is supposedly designed to run in 4K at 30fps, and setting it up that way it was a revelation to me.


That is not possible. The reason for that is (as described in this developer Q&A) that to place trees the sim needs to know where to place them. This data is tightly linked to the mesh and terrain data streamed from the severs. So if you want to display trees until the horizon you need to download the data in highest level of detail, and this is not really possible (very big data sets).

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The density of the trees may get lower the farther away from the camera they are. It may also be the case with autogen buildings. In the early days of the sim, there were tree mods that increased the rendering distance and/or density in some ways, but I assume they were still limited by terrain LOD.

Well, it was possible way-back-when when the mod on allowed you to do just that.

Remember it?

@HethrMasn I don’t believe it was, but I may be wrong. It was the trees and the trees only that were drawn to the horizon was it not?

I don’t seem to remember them being drawn all the way to the horizon, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t, possibly depending on the TLOD value and altitude/latitude.

I Remember it very well, I used the mod back then, but it was never capable of drawing the trees until the very far horizon. AND you also needed to configure the TLOD at least to 400 - I had it at 600 back then and achieved the same drawing distance of about 20nm as I have now with TLOD @ 400 and no mod.

And have a look @ the developer Q&A I have linked ealier - Seb (I belive) described it very well in this video…


I would like to have an option to render high quality terrain and vegetation very far out, but not buildings and photogrammetry. That’s why I suggested separate distance sliders for all the various things.

However, it might be that the terrain data alone is a huge performance hog all by itself, even with all the other sliders at minimum. (Especially if photogrammetry is included in the terrain mesh when photogrammetry is enabled)

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Any hint of a time in that?

It would seem a very clumsy implementation to make drawing of trees require the highest detail terrain.