[RELEASE] SMOKE ON! AirshowAssistant toolbar v2.8.1 | TouchingCloud

Important update for Xbox users mostly. I have get several reports about permanent/random red screen WASM error appearance, which can’t be solved by game quit technique.

Problem that Xbox does not have debugging instruments for 3rd party developers, and we can only guess about such issues. For now it looks like Airshow WASM script trying to insert a custom object into the sim (which is required for smokes and flares to appear), but the system declines it if too many scenery objects already exist. I can apply a workaround and additional error messages which, possibly, will make this problem less critical, but it was late to submit a new update to the MS team for the next release so you can expect it only 4th January.

If you have this specific or similar issue, please be patient - it will be sorted eventually, it just takes time because of how the Marketplace release system works. Also please provide additional info about your problem here so it will help to find possible solutions.

Enjoy your holidays, and fly safe!