[RELEASE] SMOKE ON! AirshowAssistant toolbar v2.8.1 | TouchingCloud

First update (v.1.1) is ready! You can expect it to appear in MSFS Marketplace 11th Jan (if no major problems will be discovered during testing). PC users can get it from our website.

Issues fixed:

  • radar or collision awareness indication (smokes source invisible object not inserted until smoke is enabled)
  • critical performance drop while a lot of flares launched
  • red screen WASM error never disappear
  • dark flare sphere appear in front of glare texture
  • color picker overlaps with resize border of window
  • some smokes disappear at short distance
  • flares launch interval is too long
  • flares false hotkey launch while aircraft is on the ground

Don’t forget to submit bugs and wishes here

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