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XBOX, we only have up or down reference :neutral_face:

That sucks.

Is simbrief flightplan download integrated in the new Update on Xbox?

Can you actually advance the throttles to 100%? I’m using a TM TCA throttle with this, and can only get to like 93%. Is this just the max throttle with this jet? I’ve tried some different sensitivity settings on the throttle, linear and some curves, but can get to full throttle. Throttle works perfectly in other planes…

For the V1 I started with the same base throttle from the CJ(standard linear throttle axis with no tweaks), for mine you can get to full/TO setting, slightly pull back and it drops in the CLIMB ‘detent’, then a little more back to CRUISE, then back to a proportional throttle. Easy peasy as it shows the presets on the MFD.

The speed brake setup is excellent too.

Check your sensitivities in the menu to make sure it’s going 100/-100.

Only control-interface issue I seem to have is snap look left/right just goes left/right and stays there.

Reading the Citation_Mustang-Powerplant.pdf:
FADEC calculates the optimal power settings for the T/O, CLIMB and CRUISE. If you keep the throttle into the detent area for each phase, FADEC takes control of the power (fuel flow). If you are outside the detents, you set the power. This works for RL. In the sim, I noticed that you actually can’t move forward from the position the software reads as T/O. So you can’t get 100% power, but just the best one calculated by FADEC. It’s not your throttle hardware calibration issue, it’s the sim, or the Mod, if you want, that doesn’t have a super sharp reading of your throttle position and consider it within the detent area.
No a big deal for performance though.

Yea, those three are just pre-sets. Simplified but they work fine and hit the numbers they’re supposed to. Does the ‘user friendly’ nature of the Mustang allow you to go beyond the T/O preset IRL?

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This throttle behavior is by design, and it matches the real airplane. The maximum available thrust for the engine will be achieved in the T/O detent, but that usually is less than 100% N1. The exact engine speed that the FADEC will produce varies with altitude and temperature. In very hot climates, you might see a T/O power in the 85% N1 range. As you climb, the FADEC will often command a slightly faster N1 than it does near sea level.


Hello all.
Just installed my new Logitech throttle quadrant. While assigning functions I noticed something weird. The 2 engines operated separately have different sound. Left is way less noisy than the right and with different sound. Could someone else try to spool up to full power the 2 engines separately and listen? I had the 2 engines running at idle. I spooled up just one to check lever assignement. Then the other. Different sound.
Among minor downsides, I think that engines sound in this mod needs to be fixed asap. Way too different from RL! Especially during startup.
I have the latest marketplace version, the one with the FADEC working.

Did you see if it sounds the same from the right seat? I’ve never been THAT big on the sounds as long as they are authentic to some degree and don’t loop horribly, outside sounds are only for Superman flying in formation once you’re airborne-there’s no other way anyone would be around to hear it. At 341KT it would just be hurricane sound. I’d imagine you’d be hard pressed to find someone flying one without a headseat either. Maybe a tigermoth with a leather cap on and no headset, or an ultralight. Now something like the EMB110 is enough to shelve it and try to forget that sound over the next few years in flashbacks, it can give you PTSD. A wilga with the doors removes doesn’t sound like a wilga with the doors removed to a pilot of a wilga with the doors removed, they have a headset on.

So at one point you could do air ambulance ops with this thing and now you can’t?

I only use the High Sierra. I think the next livery over is a medical one but haven’t tried it before?

Yes, you can still use the medical variant. The v1.1 update fixed a bug that allowed the static ambulance vehicle to remain visible even when the airplane was flying. But you can absolutely still use the medical variant and have the ambulance parked next to the plane on the ground.

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Thanks! Just picked it up as part of the Black Friday sale. Expected this toggle in the iPhone EFB but apparently it’s tied to liveries.

Also - would someone be willing to host and/or share the pdf manual for this plane? Further up in the thread is a Discord invite link for Cockspur documentation, that has since expired. I have the Marketplace version on Xbox and it is not included. Thanks in advance -

Try this: Discord

Its in the c510 faq section of their discord channel…

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