Reno Air Races GREYED OUT from Activites?

I bought and installed the Reno Air Races bundle for 59.99 on Saturday, but the option to Race is greyed out (even though I appear to have access to all the Reno planes in other flight modes) and I cannot race:

I confirmed that I am online and that the Reno content is both installed and up-to-date in the Content Manager, but still I can not Race as the button is greyed out.

@didntputthetape This doesn’t sound good.

I see that you have posted in a similar thread

I will close this thread now as a duplicate. I would also recommend that you send a ticket to Zendesk, perhaps using the option highlighted in the screenshot below:

I hope that they may be able to help you get Reno Races working!

If you find a soultion from Zendesk that works, then it would be of help to add to the other thread the solution that got it working.