Returning HP Reverb G2 and keeping Quest 2

Did the same. Q2 much better overall experience than G2.

I had to return my G2 because it was giving me an unresolvable USB connection error. Both the sweet spot and FOV were a bit disappointing too though. Even taking the gasket off completely and moving forward and back didn’t really help.

I miss VR now, but was just going to wait until the next line up of headset hardware as everything else looked like a compromise in some other regard. Maybe I should just spring for the Quest 2 though. What are the disadvantages of the Q2 compared to the G2? Compatibility or setup? Scaling issues?

I did not test the Q2 but use a Reverb Pro 2nd edition which is way better than G2 on everything including FOV.

Thanks, I’ll look into it. However, I’m really leery about getting an older HP headset after the hardware and compatibility issues I experienced with the G2 and similar stories I heard about the G1.

…understandable…however the Pro version is as I said …way better. Saying that I hear that Q2 its a very good allrounder so perhaps worth a try too.

Not worth flying on a monitor nowadays :slight_smile:

Has anyone compared the Rift S to the Q2 ? I have the Rift S, and it does the job, isnt bad, but am looking to upgrade. Was looking at the Pimax too but its a huge leap in $$$ and pimax users have mentioned issues with that too

@Mihaita, is the frustum culling issue that the Pimax users are reporting also present on the Reverb Pro because of its wider FOV?

Yes, I wish I had VR on some of my latest flights.

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In what way specifically? I understood that the Reverb Pro and G2 essentially share the same hardware and optics; the Pro having some features such as the lighter weight housing and leather face pad that should make it more comfortable for prolonged use.

Have you got any specs on the Reverb Pro? I can’t find very much useful information on the interweb, and can’t find any reference at all to a ‘Pro 2nd edition’…

I guess I’m going to be out on VR for a while.

I haven’t touched a G2 yet, but returned a Quest 2 yesterday after just 2 days.

Just not there for me resolution/sweet spot wise to be super enjoyable, particularly in cockpit sim situations.

It`s a personal thing VR in general but yes it fits better the shape of my head than the G2 . I feel closer to the lenses and unlike G2 is not pressing on my cheek bones. As a result I have no murra effect or chromatic aberration. Specs are the same or very similar to G2 indeed with exactly the same resolution.

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I upgraded from the CV1 to the G2. I was ready to return it until I used the G2 mod. There is no comparison and it is a keeper now. Much better sweet spot and FOV.

Excellent! Thank-you. Couldn’t find anything useful on the HP website … perhaps just me.

Was wondering if I’d missed a trick - I have the G2, but I actually find that it fits me pretty well. You’re exactly right about it being a personal thing. I think I’ve got the hang of getting the headset in just the right position…

Looking forward to the next generation of headsets (and graphics cards) now :slight_smile:

Despite all the compromises, I can’t go back to flying on the monitor either.

Mind me asking what refresh rate and resolution you guys are running on The Quest 2? (the settings in the oculus app).

I have a rift s also, works good to. I went up to the Q2 and way better clarity, the only issue I’m having is the (oculus link) cable lose connection every so often and screws you up! I’m still trying to figure it out other then that it’s worth the upgrade from rift s.

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I’m wondering the same🤷🏽‍♂️

You guys make me really happy I didn’t bin my Index for the G2. I wasn’t intending to originally, then all the hype started (after release when YTers - probably under influence - were raving about it) and I was wondering if I was making a mistake - but I’ve found Index also so good in FS2020 that I haven’t even tried my Quest 2 with it - just ask myself why I should go through possible teething pains when what I have is so great.

I’d be highly reluctant to have any WMR headset in any case, in its current state.

I decided to keep my G1 as it was out of warranty and the difference was minimal. I thought tracking might have been an issue as I was coming from X-Plane - Now I know it was just X-Plane as MSFS doesn’t have any tracking issues, at least for me :slight_smile:

…is it the frankefov mod with the soft face pad or you got a low level replacement gasket ?

I did this…

It’s down towards the bottom in that topic. I wouldn’t suggest doing what I did. I felt frisky and probably a little stupid for going for it, but it worked out perfect:) I would try the frankefov mod.

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