Reverb G2 and Reloptix inserts

Does the Reloptix inserts really help with the G2 sweet spot?

If you wear prescription glasses for myopia, the inserts will allow wearing the headset without the glasses, which in turn should allow you using modified shallower gasket, which will help a bit with FoV and sweetspot size by placing your eyes closer to the screens in the headset.

I have no problem seeing distance items. I use readers when reading. I am not at all unhappy with the visuals that the G2/WMR gives, but if there is something better, why not?

In such a case you probably don’t need inserts.

You confused with faces that bring the eyes closer to the lenses.
Hack HP Reverb G2 FOV / Sweet Spot

If you don’t have myopia, you don’t need lens inserts, as the image in the headset is focused ca. 1.5-2m away. If you need slightly better FoV and slightly bigger sweetspot, you need face gasket bringing your eyes closer to the displays. If you have myopia, you can’t use the shallower gasket because you need space in the gasket for your glasses, unless you have the inserts with lenses which eliminate the need for glasses and allow usage of shallower gasket. The inserts themselves will not improve the FoV or sweetspot, they just replace the myopia-corrective glasses.

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