Reverb G2, WMR, Steam VR and computer freezes in VR

Alienware I7 9700K, 32MB Ram, RTX 2080 Super, 2TB SSD and all this thing does is freeze once I connect to VR. Using WMR interconnected with Steam VR. First flight was magic, everything after that has been a disaster. Open XR installed with Dev Tools. Watched the YouTube vid with the guy in the Spitfire, almost all settings around medium in VR and PC. Flying in the PC is great, no problems. Flying in VR just about makes me want to throw my G2 against a wall. If anyone has an idea and can help, I would sure appreciate it.

I’m so confused as to what Steam VR has to do with any of this (not just talking about your post, talking about MSFS VR in general). It’s using OpenXR, not Steam VR. I know it does that little triangle fade screen when launching (which you may recognize from entering into Steam VR), but from what I can tell it never touches Steam VR.

SteamVR has an OpenXR implementation that you can switch to instead of the default WMR one. I’ve tried both. After messing around with this all day, OpenXR DevTools beta with forced reprojection and SS around 50%-60% is the way to go on my Reverb G2/3080. Wow.

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how can you be happy with the picture quality at 50-60%? i find it looks terrible at that resolution, i am a little disappointed tbh in the performance of vr with a 3080

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That was it! Changed mine from 100 to 50, it’s now smooth as butter. Still looks decent with the forced reprojection. Thanks so much.

Can you confirm that you are using openxr and not steam vr for the ss settings. Just a bit confused when you said you tried both. Thanks.

With wmr openxr Dev tool set to 50% ss and reproduction forced on the image in Sim is distorted fov/warped when you move your head around. Tried 80 and 100 resolution scale in Sim no difference. Also using steam openxr runtime instead of wmr runtime and then controlling reprojection both on and off and ss through steam VR still stutters. Would be interested to know what the best combination is so far.

I was running both Steam VR and WMR along with Open XR under the misguided notion that I need them all. After readling CurdledTree18’s post, I uninstalled Steam VR, then redid my Open XR settings to the above. It’s not perfect, but it worked. For now, all I wanted was to be able to run VR successfully, period. Now that it is running, I’ll be able to fiddle with the settings, gently, a little at a time to see if I can improve it.

Obviously, for me Steam VR was the problem. Using Steam VR interconnected with WMR, and having to use Open XR was too much. Hopefully I’m on the right track now, and things will improve a little at a time.

Got it running at 80% with other settings on high, some on medium and it is great. Only bug i`ve got is if I try to change weather in VR mode instant CTD.

Motherboard: Asus Rog Hero x11 wifi Z490
55" curved oled Tv, till VR arrives.
CPU: Intel i9-10900K @5.1mhz per core.
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3090 turbo
CPU-Cooler: Liquid cooled 240mm
PSU: Kolink 1200watt Platinum
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4/3600mhz
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
M.2 NVME SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus
SSD: NVME Samsung 970 EVO 500GB
5.1 logitech sound system Soundblaster Z.
Next level V3 Motion platform on GT Ultimate rig.
2 Buttkickers on race rig with 300watt earthquake amp.
VR HP Reverb G2
Sim Racing studio wind and tactile generators.
Saitek Hotas.
Alpha Honeycomb flight controls.
Thrustmaster TPR Rudder.

I’ve posted a very basic explanation of this as a reply to CptLucky8’s WMR guide. Take a look.

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