Round The World in a Diamond DA62


Welcome to my DA62 around the world challenge. I plan on starting and ending in the Caribbean, while circumnavigating the globe. I don’t have my entire route planned out yet, but a lot of it is already complete - tweaking here and there as I go.

We’re starting at a little island in the Caribbean sea called the Cayman Islands - MWCR is our airport.

Cleared for takeoff

Picked up some severe icing at FL180, had to drop to 11000 ft to shake it.

About 35 minutes out, Cayo Largo (MUCL) is in the distance

Descending to intercept the Localizer for Runway 06

Leg 1 complete - MUHA - Total flight time 1:26.

Next stop will be to the Key West - KEYW, with some neat addon scenery.


Good luck on your journey.

I just finished a 104 airport trip (vfr) around the Caribbean as well in the same plane! Loved every minute with it.

Are you thinking long flights or short airport hops?

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Probably going to be a bit of both - the trips to Greenland and the UK will be fairly lengthy alone, but I’ve got some short hops planned in the US currently.

Leg 2: MUHA - KEYW
Flight Time: 0:53

On our way to Key West - Live Weather was not fully cooperative most of this trip :confused:

On approach to Key West

Touch down and roll out!

Leg 2 completed… uneventful due to live weather not working as intended this trip

This plane need a mod to fix

gotcha bro

Need some insight to systems and things that are not given/ can only be known by actually flying the plane IRL

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