RTX 3080 vs 6900 XT: Some findings

Very interesting findings, thanks for sharing. I was facing exactly the same dilemma between these 2 cards, ended up staying with the 3080, just because was less expensive, although I like the AMD adrenalin interface. I’m still on a 1440p monitor, hoping to upgrade to 32’’ 4K in the near future.

When rendering at 4K both the 3080 and 6900 XT seemed identical. Perhaps because it was still a 1440p monitor, I couldn’t notice any difference in distant scenery textures, thought I admit I didn’t pay close attention.

I think the 3080 will be more than enough to keep until FS is upgraded to DX12. Then there will be benchmarks to assess which one is the better GPU.

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It will likely still be perfectly fine with DX12 too lol, there’s no reason to worry if you have a 3080.

We will see. In Prepar3d v5, which is DX12, VRAM is a huge issue.

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Good report! It looks like you are using the Developers FPS tool for your statistics. I recommend using a 3rd party tool, if available, preferably one that can write a log file of the collected statistics. The FPS tool is good for looking at raw numbers as they fly by but not helpful for serious comparisons which it looks like you are trying to do.

I wonder if the FPS tool “overhead” takes into account its impact on FPS. It would be helpful if ithe FPS overlay could run on a separate screen even though most of the tool output is character-based without elaborate 3D graphics.

Allocated vs Usage
Prepare3D USE between 5 and 6GB of VRAM.
Of course, every software use more ram to allocate resources (IF FIND IT)
Inverse logaritmic way :wink:

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He can’t, as 3rd party tools show VRAM allocation not actual usage

I used MSI Afterburner for all fps statistics and the dev overlay for VRAM usage.

Yeah that’s the right way to do it.

There’s another very recent article illustrating the differences between GPU’s and already including the 6900 XT.
I can’t post links but you can google for " Il miglior PC per Microsoft Flight Simulator" and it’s on the Italian Tom’s Hardware site, from January 18th.
The site translates well to English with Google.

unfortunately NO, the manufacturer of the gpu trumps you!

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