RTX3080 and framerate drop

Thanks. OK, getting off-topic now I guess, but looks like I need to find a new cooler as well then. :moneybag:

Yes, that’s correct.

Hhmm, if you get frame rates that you are happy with essentially all the time and only have problems at one airport it seems a pity that you need to upgrade for that. I have a somewhat similar setup: Ryzen 7 3700X, RTX 3080 and I run essentially all ultra on 4K with 200LOD. I normally fly relatively low and slow with either the Bonanza or C172 and I get mid 40’s framerate. When I fly for instance the Cessna CJ4 at 30 - 40,000ft I get around 60 fps.

I only ever had one “problem area” and that was with FSimstudios’s Vancouver scenery, which is wonderfully detailed. But they have since improved the mod and in checking it today I still get around 40FPS around the airport. At present there really is nowhere that I get worse than the low 30’s.

Are you sure there are no other settings such as multiplayer, extremely high ground and air traffic etc. that are causing issues? If you are happy to replace the CPU at not insignificant cost, then that is obviously fine, but I was just wondering if there wasn’t a “free” alternative option that could deliver acceptable results. Just seems sad to have to spend that kind of money for one airport.

And one other consideration: I do not see it mentioned anywhere that you are definitely CPU limited. Have you checked/confirmed that?

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Something else that may be worth trying is lowering the MSFS texture resolution to medium (assuming it’s currently on high or ultra). You’ll need to restart the sim; then try flying over Brisbane airport again and compare your FPS.

I fly in VR and had similar issues over Chicago, Vienna, Graz, etc (all purchased via Orbx). I lowered my texture resolution to medium and can now fly smoothly in all of these locations.

To be honest, I’m yet to notice any reduction in image quality (I’m sure there is, I just haven’t noticed it yet). If it doesn’t work, simply change that one setting back to how you had it.

My specs slightly differ from yours, I’m running an i7-10700K, RTX3070, 32GB 3200MHz SSD, and Quest 2.


I have the frame rate displayed and it seems to flash CPU limited a lot, but hard to see what it says when it’s not flashing that. It flickers a lot between two statements.

Edit: “Limited by main thread” seems common too.

I do like the idea of a free solution. So does my wife. :slight_smile: Where I fly (East coast of Australia), traffic is very limited. In fact, if I see another multiplayer aircraft - it’s a thrill! I have AI traffic off and fly live weather etc.

I’m certainly not on Ultra. Here’s a screenshot of my graphics settings:

Here’s when the game is loading, before menu loads:

Here’s my settings:

Not sure if there’s much I can work with there. I’ve seen some incredible youtube videos and the detail is amazing. I feel I’m lacking. But if I push things up, I drop FPS too much.

Here I am in a C172 (No G1000), on runway 34, and Canberra Airport in Australia.

“Limited by Main Thread” seems to be what causes some red:

You are not loading your GPU enough, and your CPU is setting your FPS.

Read this, the explanations are all in this thread.

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A lot of people have complained about frame rates in ORBX Brisbane airport, it’s on their forums. Hopefully a patch will come along. How are your frame rates at other airports?

I am wondering why the frame rate have issues with that kind of graphics card. Is it the addons that causes a slowdown. I have a older system with a 1080 ti and I have almost everything on ultra. However I do not have very many addons. I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card when prices drop if they ever do

You can try deleting the photogrammetry cities. It seems to have made a difference for many. See Deleting photogrammetry cities (but not whole world updates) - MSFS (2020) Tips and Tricks Forum - The AVSIM Community for how to do it.

GPU prices will never drop I am afraid and now maybe the best time to get one. Once the 40series drops there is a likelihood of another shortage. I am looking into getting a new one before the 40series drops.

I think it all boils down to what CPU you have. The 3700x isn’t the best CPU for a game like this. Maybe the tables will turn once DX12 is stable. I am on a 10700k and do not experience any major stutters except on landings and takeoffs with AIG traffic enabled. Both LODS set to 200.

My cpu is I7 7700k. Everything seems to run well and I have 3 monitors one being 4k. Maybe I should look at if its not broken don’t change anything. Lol. Thanks

Same here had to lower after update 9. Common problem.

I had the same issues. I went from a 3800x to a 5900x and my sim has been running smoothly ever since. I also play on High setting since that’s what works best with 60fps + in most areas.

Upgrade to the 5900x if you can it’s so worth the money. Just put a Aio on it if you do. I recommend the Arctic 2 240mm if you decide to do it.

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Most others are OK. I have Redcliffe (YRED) and Caboolture (YCAB) from them too, and they’re fine, but they’re smaller. Brisbane (YBBN) is close to impossible to land at. Great to know they’re aware.

I have Sunshine Coast from another designer, and it’s amazing. No slow down. AND you can walk inside the airport and see shops etc. Brisbane - is empty inside. So, strange.

@ Santas9iron Curious, who makes the Sunshine Coast airport you mentioned? I might get that one myself. Thanks

This sim can really be quite baffling at times. As mentioned, I have basically the same hardware you have. I drew up a quick comparison of our settings with blue cells indicating the same for the two of us, Red being the lower setting and Green the higher setting between the two of us:

From this it would appear that my settings are generally better than yours. On LOD it is quite a bit different for instance and I also have a few Ultra settings whwere you are on Medium or even Low. I wasn’t sure about anti-aliasing: in looking online afterwards it seems that TAA is harder on hardware and slower while not better: something I will have to change.

From this one would expect that my performance should be worse. For the first time in >year I turned on Dev Mode to take a look at my frame rates and GPU vs CPU utilisation. A few screenshots of challenging situations:

First off: on the ground at Vancouver CYVR. As mentioned I have FSimstudios’s mod, which used to be quite a challenge. Generally it stayed around 40FPS and it flickered between being CPU Main thread and GPU constrained. And of course the quality of the forum-constrained 1920x1080 images is poor compared to the real 4K screen captures. But at least you get an idea.

And then over the PG Vancouver area. Note that the FSimstudios CYVR mod also includes the floatplane terminal downtown, so that also has an effect.

Greater Vancouver dense building area: still around 40FPS

And then away from the downtown area

And then more towards open terrain:

I also recently did a video over Zanzibar island in 4K. It really is more of a sequence of brief clips while flying over different scenes but, because you can view it in 4K, you can probably get a better idea of the quality that I am getting.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot the video link! https://youtu.be/7-O1vdXaLOw

While I do not have the same scenery as you, I hope all of this gives you an idea of what someone with similar hardware gets in terms of quality, framerates and hardware utilisation. Good luck with your decision going forward!


That’s an amazing analysis! Thank you. I’m going to change my settings to reflect yours and see how I go. That’s really helpful. One thing I am thinking: All your framerate tests are on a small aircraft, with external views. I hardly ever step out of my aircraft. So wondering: Could the aircraft and cockpit have any effects on the framerate? When I see the frames drop to around 14 - it’s usually on finals on an ILS approach using the PMDG 737. I’ll load up a smaller aircraft and look at Brisbane from outside the aircraft and see if the rate picks up.

I think the group was called “Shunts”. Since I bought it outside of MSFS, they have been acquired (?) or now use ORBX as their download.

Here is the scenery I use:
YBSU Sunshine Coast Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Orbx (orbxdirect.com)

Thank you… I’ll look into that airport!