Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

Does this issue still occur even with all the 3 graphic sliders set to 100?

Yes, it most certainly does (the first video above is mine, and I’ve experienced it numerous times since then).

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Seems like it happens often on any commercial aircraft, I fly the DA62 often and I ran into the issue a few times…

Turn off photo setting before landing. Flight saved!!!

If you have to resort to workarounds, you can just turn off damage. Of course, that’s not really the point. :slight_smile:


True, but until a fix is found it may be the only way to avoid frustration.

I’ve just faced this issue for the first time today, in Strasbourg, France, LFST.
Landing with DA62… braking gently and then plane suddenly broke on the floor… I didn’t know what happened, but now I understand, since this place is rendered in photogrammetry…


Actually, turning off damage really isn’t a work around since these crevices often cause aircraft to do flips and turn over on its back, which would ruin the “perfect” landing.

The workaround of turning off photo imaging is the only solution atthis time. Asobo hasn’t mentioned, as far as I know, any intention of fixing this issue.

It would be beyond foolish to invest in a long flight and not use a “workaround” and run a landing. Investing a few seconds to switch off and on a feature seems solid advice imho, UNTIL ASOBO decides to fix it.


I guess that depends on your personal preference. You have the option of turning off photogrammetry and reducing your visual fidelity, or turning off damage and potentially flipping the plane. For my purposes, I prefer option #2. I fly commercial flights using A Pilot’s Life. If something happens that prevents me from making it to the final gate, the flight still counts towards my progress. I would rather take this option and keep the photogrammetry. I can certainly understand why others wouldn’t, but that is my preference. As FYI, I have yet to flip one over since using this option, but have had one get stuck before. I just switched to JetBlue though out of KJFK, so I assume I’ll be experiencing this a lot more often now.

Yes I have all render scaling at 100 and landing even a 172 on these runway bumps can seriously screw up a landing or cause a crash. This is a must fix bug. Has anyone here Zendesked it in?

JFK isn’t that bad tbh. It happens sometims though. I found the west coast, Seattle to be the worst. I saw blocks of ground moving under my plane that were larger than my aircraft.

I have had instances where my Airbus was thrown like 50 feet inthe air and landed upside down on top of a terminal. Jfk, it usually doesn’t happen for me.

Yes I have all render scaling at 100 and landing even a 172 on these runway bumps can seriously screw up a landing or cause a crash. This is a must fix bug. Has anyone here Zendesked it in?

Ofcourse and I think it might have been mentioned to them during their stream, but the impression I got was that they “have to look into it”. If so, I am reluctant to be hopeful anytime soon.

Since it is random, Asobo can claim they haven’t experienced it. Additionally, the fast aircraft , it is more likely to happen. Small slower craft , I assume will be slow enough for the “cracks” to render properly before reaching them. A320 not so lucky.


Yeah, I’m not worried about JFK. I’m worried about the destinations that I’ll be going to from JFK, since they’re pretty much all big city photogrammetry areas (ie Boston, Philly, etc)

Has happened to me repeatedly in KSFO on 28R/10L (landing and taking off) recently. Seems to happen where it crosses 19R or 19L.

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I just did my “wild drone search for tile cracks” test at KBFI … and I can still trigger those tile cracks at the airport (and in the water and railroad tracks etc.).

So the fundamental issue is still there.

However, I found it a little harder to trigger those cracks … so something did change and it seems to have some positive effect (maybe they raised the priority to the part which pushes those triangles to the GPU or whatever).

But photogrammetry runways still crack in … and it still takes (up to multiple seconds) to heal.

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So far I’ve been flying around on my DA62 often with no crashes at all, maybe it’s working because I have all my sliders set to 100 and I’m using High Settings instead of Ultra… Maybe Ultra could be slowing down the cracks to disappear…

Or the DA62 isn’t moving fast enough on landing to cause an issue.

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I would also suspect that “high frame rates” might reduce the probability of tile-edge cracks.

If you combine that with slow aircraft speed than there is …

  • less data to “merge” and push to the GPU
  • more iterations for “healing” the tile edges

It seems plausible and likely that “rate of change of location” and “rate of change of image buffers” are impacting some internal settings for progressive geometry refinement.

I fear that the only real solution will require a total (or at least major?) redesign of their tile based photogrammetry rendering subsystem. And that must be really hard work as there will be lots of optimization all over the place.


I fly for the scenery, turning off PG data goes against that. I’ve flipped the Bonanza on landing in PG areas yet fly with damage off just in case and a quick tap of the Y (slew mode) rights the plane again. It’s better than waiting 5 to 7 minutes to reload the game.

I haven’t been around any PG areas in the last month though, no issues landing without PG data. Some rural ‘runways’ are a bit of guesswork with the low detail data. (Currently flying in Africa) No cracks anyway and with damage off trees in the middle of the runway can’t hurt either.

The sim is definitely playing catch up sometimes in PG areas as the whole runway has gone up and down with me sitting on it, standing still.

I just landed at KSEA and there were awful gashes on RWY 16/34C- same problem we have at KORD on 10/28C. Is anyone keeping track of these? I submitted tickets long ago and nothing from Asobo, as usual.

If we’re paying a premium for airports, I really think they should work. Perfect end to a perfect flight once again.

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