Rural Road Unreal Night Lights

Flying over rural Australia at night I see numerous roads light up like Christmas Trees. This is simply not correct. In this part of the world roads in rural areas aren’t lit. In MSFS, right now, it would be easy to navigate between towns by just following the lights. The Developers need to remove night lighting on these rural roads and tracks. Even main highways in Australia don’t have lights like MSFS shows. Please note that I’m not referring to the sections of roads which originate or terminate at a town or city, where a few kilometers or so would be lit. In MSFS there are hundreds of Km’s out in the bush, lit up, it’s just not real. I have the latest patch which came on Christmas morning.
I was watching an Asobo video which suggested they have addressed rural road lighting in some way. If that is the case, they need to take another look because in my sim, the rural road lights are way to unrealistic.

To reproduce this, just start at an airport in rural Australia such as YSTW (Tamworth) at night and fly away from the town and look at the roads glowing below you.

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