Saitek Yoke Elevator Trim too sensitive

Can I set the sensitivity of the elevator trim on the Saitek Yoke? Right now it’s way too sensitive, if I hold it for 1 second the aircraft goes from 0 to ±2000 fpm. I have to tap it very gently to make it usable but I don’t think this is very usable at all. If you also use Saitek Yoke, how do you use the elevator trim?

It’s not the Saitek yoke that’s the issue. It’s the accelerated controls in the sim. It starts slow and quickly ramps up exponentially. The issue is the same regardless what controller you’re using.

The best way to work it is to never hold the button. Just give it individual taps in the direction you want it to go.

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You might want to consider (I can’t tell you to vote for this):
Heading Increment Bug (10 degree instead of 1) Explained - Bugs & Issues / Instruments - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

NVM. Just read that. Misunderstood the other thread from the snip. Will read that now…

I do individual taps now but that’s absolutely not the way to do it. Is this going to be fixed?

Nope, I’m back on this being somewhat related, but a different issue altogether.

I hope so. Trim in this sim is pretty bad and has been that way since launch. The best you can do it report it via a ticket.

But it has nothing to do with your controller.

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I believe this is the same issue!

For more details, see the chapter about “Heading Increment Bug (10 degrees instead of 1)” in this post to get started, follow the link for the details:

Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #14 by CptLucky8

The 10 degree / 1000 ft is due to the “always on” controls on the Honeycomb. I have that issue as well and had to disable all the switches on the Honeycomb to avoid it.

The “related” part I meant was the control acceleration. It’s like that on the trim. Hold the button and watch the trim wheel. It start slow and then rapidly accelerates. Unlike the 10 degree bug, this isn’t caused by another control being “always on”. That issue causes increases of 10 degrees vs 1, and 1000 ft on the AP instead of 100. This one here will continue to accelerate exponentially.

So I would say it’s related, but also a different case.

Either way, both these issues are horse ■■■■ and should have been fixed months ago.

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I stand corrected and see what you mean indeed, both are unrelated as-is, but the trim wheel acceleration is dramatic if combined with the input acceleration (I can see this with the Alpha as well among other things, but it is not new and date back from 2004 - i.e. FS9 - at least…)

The trim wheel acceleration is debatable. It is a long process to roll it fully and trim wheel acceleration makes it handy. However I agree it would be better to offering a user option to choose which, and how much, to accelerate such “special” controls in the game.

A trim wheel will work fine. I have one on my Logitech panel and have no issues.

What I mean is that look at the trim wheel in your virtual cockpit when using electric trim. Hold the trim up and down. Watch the wheel move. It starts at a reasonable speed, but after a couple of seconds of holding it, it’s spinning at RPMs you’d expect out of a propeller. It doesn’t just accelerate. It does so in what appears to be an exponential manner, and it happens very fast. It makes using electric trim very finnicky. You can’t hold the trim button for more than maybe 1/2 a second before the trim running away on you.

I’m sorry for the wording in writing too quickly, this was what I meant: electric trim induced trim wheel acceleration like you’re describing.

Discussions on yokes, TPMs, rudder pedals, etc. go in the Peripherals category. I moved your post there.

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I think it should work as in the real world, and I seriously doubt that trimming using the electric rocker switches would begin to accelerate after some time. Sounds much too dangerous.

But I could be wrong.

I kinda understand the acceleration thing with the knobs but with trims makes absolutely no sense. Who wants or needs to set a trim from 0 to 60 or whatever in an instant? Especially in flight, you trim it from the current position gradually. Also, you have the yoke to correct the pitch in the meantime while trimming. Acceleration really doesn’t make sense at all.

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You are correct. Trim rate doesn’t increase IRL. It wouldn’t make sense IRL and it doesn’t make sense in MSFS either.

Every dog has his day! :sunglasses:

Is this issue on any list to be solved or nobody cares?

This problem has been reported basically on day one of testing.
It used to be much worse.

So, they are still trying to solve it, or was it “solved”… if it was much worse before? How hard it is to just disable acceleration or give that as an option for hardware peripherals.