Scenery Crashes on Load Screen

I have removed all scenery from my CF
I have removed all Official add ons from MSFS
Running on Default stuff only apart from KORS which I am running as a test.

I have been running the sim since Day 1 and I have had a few issues like most of us I think. But overall my experience has been very positive. However I have now come across and issue which I hope is very easy to solve but I have spent the last 5 hours trying and I cannot figure it out. At first I thought it may be an ORBX issue but I am now not so sure.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 six core
MB ASUS X570 plus
32 GB Ram
8GB AMD Radeon RX550XT (latest Driver 21.2.2)
2x 500gb SSD and 1 M.2 500gb as my boot drive

My issue is I cannot install (without a CTD) any scenery to the UK, I don’t have much only the following
London Scenery Pack ORBX

If I install any of the UK stuff I get a CTD when the Sim is loading to the Airfield (the Sim loads ok to the UI screen) I have KORS installed and it works fine, I have been there for 1 hour or more flying circuits.
The sim works fine with all the Default only scenery Leeds and Booker for Example.

I have all the photogrammetry turned on in the settings and I am on the High only setting.

I am sure it is something that I have not turned on on I have not set something. I have already reinstalled the sim.

Hope someone out there can help me get my UK scenery back.

Thank you


Hi I have noticed I am having the same issue, my Marketplace is greyed out…and if I load a flight from a scenery I bought from Marketplace…EGNM…EGLC, LOAD A FLIGHT AND CTD, it started this afternoon so not sure if its a server problem…


Thanks I really hope so, although I will have wasted 5-6 hours of my day off trying to sort it out.

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My marketplace is greyed out and I have 10 planes and a paid fir airport missing aswell,

Well I managed to load a plane M20r (bought in the Marker place) in GCLP (default scenery) I bought off Marketplace but…its the scenery Ihave the issues.

Same here I am flying the M20R in USA now and no issues at all also loaded in 1S2 and it works well too jsu half way btw 1s2 and KORS as a test flight and it seems fine just the UK is an issue for me.

Must be doing something with the uk update, sure it will be sorted, fly somewhere else.

Fingers crossed I hope…

Empty your Rolling Cache, and see if that helps.

Sorry done that, :frowning:

HI Mike

Same issue here, I only have EGLC from ORBX and I have installed it via ORBX Central but if I try and load in there, the SIM just crashes.

Its been reported on the ORBX Forum, so I added myself to the list on there and raised a Zendesk Ticket as well.

Marketplace is greyed out for me as well. Just installed Orbx EGGP scenery and cannot get past the load screen without a CTD. Extremely disappointing.

I suppose the positive in all this it is not our own systems that are causing the problems. Leave it to someone else to sort out. I am hopeless with PC issues. Hope they get it sorted for next week.

Thanks for all your comments makes me feel a lot better.


No communication at all from Microsoft. Nowhere near good enough.

Same problem here since a few hours. It just greyed out when the sim was already running and i visited the marketplace in the same session so I assume server down/maintenance or some other problem.

Same here. Cts on different addon airports since this Morning.

possible solution for you and everyone else [resolved] Tacoma Narrows CTD - Page 2 - Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Forum - Orbx Community and Support Forums

Hi EvidencePlz

Thanks for the steer, but unfortunately in this case it has not helped.

I actually only have one Addon Airport installed in my Community Folder.

Can you all test if turning off Bing World Data still causes a crash?

Report if you are using a 3rd Party airport or scenery:

  1. Bing Data Off: No Crash
  2. Bing Data On: Crash
  3. Issues with UK areas only

Report in this Topic:

Please see this topic: