Screen tearing at the top

Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version?
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Brief description of the issue:
There is an irregular, thin but wide area of screen at the top that keeps tearing whenever I move the camera in any direction, including up/down, it does not happen everywhere on the screen, just at the top. Also it affects all aircraft and all views.

I’ve tried playing with the vsync, turned it off/on, used nvidia vsync, but it doesn’t affect it (with vsync off the typical fullscreen tearing happens, but the issue described happens separately as well). Also my community folder is empty, and the only mod I’m using is marketplace version of Improved G1000.

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PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:
I’m using trackIR 5, but it happens with normal mouse/keyboard look as well.
Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
SU7/SU8? I’ve never seen it happen in SU5 or 6, or before.

A lot of times this is a driver issue.
Do you have the current driver’s?

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Do you have render scale set to more than 100%?

If so, dial it back to 100% and check again.

Just for a bit of context; You can’t capture ordinary Vsync-related screen tearing in a screenshot because the tearing occurs after the image is scanned out to the display. Screen tearing that is captured in a screenshot means that the issue is within the application or graphics card frame buffers.

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Take a look at this topic. Which graphic driver are you using? Update the latest may help!

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Thanks for the replies. I do have render setting of 100 and same monitor/desktop resolution.
I have Nvidia 1060 and driver 497.29

Weirldy, a small update downloaded and the issue disappeared, but then I got a CTD pretty quick, another game update downloaded (SU8 I guess), and the issue is back.

I’ll try updating the drivers.