Seasons by Bijan - Available for PC and Xbox - New Terrain Mask for Fall and Winter Season (PC Version)

No, that does not cover that but that is something that can be done.

I am just yet again blown away by the value for money your products bring. Its one of the few products I couldn’t go back to not using and still it’s given more and more love.

The shading looks incredible and does just add to the immersion! Thank you Bijan


Really nice update, thanks bijanstudio. :+1:


Thank YOU for your words and supports. @RadicalCavy @GoFasterS4

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Just to give an example of using the new terrain masking with the fall. The results are amazing.


Fantastic shot. Thanks for sharing.

Why don’t we get updates on Xbox?

I have already submitted updates to them. It’s up to them how long it will take to add them.

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I can‘t believe you manged to deliver this Bijan.
This is truly amazing and i can‘t say it often enough: Thank you for what you are doing for our hobby my friend !

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Hi Bijan- I’m sure it’s been asked already, but will you be releasing a Winter N / Summer S pack on Xbox?

You’re very welcome. it was a challenge. It’s not perfect yet but hopefully by next update it gets better. :pray:

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Hi, yes it will probably be available in couple of weeks.

Hi, may I ask why the updates are not available on Xbox I own the sessions (3 of them) but when ever there is a update info here no update via content manager on Xbox - do I something wrong, what I need to do to get the latest version of the seasons ?

Many thanks

New updates should be available within couple of weeks.
Thank you.


Thanks for the fast response - important I know now I am not doing wrong :+1::wink:

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New Fall textures are indeed a godsend, great job and really improved the integration of the trees into the sim.

Obviously the runways are currently a bit weird, so far testing in Japan and the UK I seem to get mostly dirt or grass on my runways now! Any idea when this might be fixed?


I noticed and second this issue too. Loaded into LJLJ and the runway did seem very grassy as did the other runways flew over. I know some of the DEM projects have an exclusion for runways/airports but get that may not be as doable for a whole mapping mesh.
Personally I’d prefer a runway less option given I use REX airport textures anyway so for me runways are a pretty noticeable downgrade but the actual textures once flying are amazing and would hate to pick between them.

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It explains in readme.txt.
Runway exclusions will come in following updates.

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Hopefully before Fall season is over


Installed on PC from simmarket, looking good !
Will have to wait for the Marketplace to install on Xbox.


its because micrsoft is extremely slow to add updates to console, yuck.

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