Seeing the wood for the trees

Jorg Neumann needs to add a new project milestone titled “Fix Everything That Is Broken On What We’ve Already Released.”

That way Jorg will get a buzz from ticking off that milestone in his project management software when Asobo has finished the work, and the MSFS 2020 customer base will get a buzz from all the broken things that have been fixed.

Jorg Newmann’s approach of throwing as much content against the wall to see what sticks and walking away from what doesn’t stick is not working, because what doesn’t stick leaves broken features. And the customer base appears to be growing tired of hearing about the next new shiny thing instead of Asobo fixing what has already been published.

And this is not Asobo’s fault. It’s Jorg Neumann’s responsibility to prioritize Asobo’s efforts. MSFS 2020 didn’t turn out to be all about the Reno Air Races and 20 million Xbox users flying around in circles. MSFS 2020 is not Happy Plane 2.0 When Jorg recently said he was surprised by what he called the “surface area” of the sim…meaning the vast complexity of it, he sounded perplexed. His user base has turned out to be serious PC and Xbox flight simmers who want the complexities to work and not the next new generic aircraft to fly around in circles.

I’m guessing MSFS 2020 has not turned out to be what Jorg Newmann originally envisioned, and his “the next new shiny thing” approach to managing Asobo’s resources is not working out as he had planned, and he’s leaving a wake of broken features behind him. He’s got to change his approach.


I don’t think so. Every one of the issues I note has been reported by multiple users and, with most of the examples I give, common across the sim. But I’ll say what I said before: MSFS is an amazing product and I get a lot of enjoyment VFR and IFR, GA and airliner. They just need to polish up the UI and stop introducing minor, but very annoying regressions as a result of inadequate QA or testing periods.


You are making assumptions you cannot verify. Sorry but that is the truth.

Well unless you are on SU9 beta, we are all running the same sim so it’s not really an assumption. There are of course differences between Steam, Store and Xbox, but none of those differences apply particularly. But yes, who knows, maybe you do run a different version of the sim?

And trees are the worst part of MSFS. Most of the time they look like brocolli or mushrooms.

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