Separate render scale slider for glass cockpit screens

Performance in VR is a balance between FPS and world clarity vs being able to read anything on glass cockpit displays. Even on high resolution VR headsets like the G2 and Pimax, the screens can be difficult to see while still having a decent FPS. Meanwhile, the floating VFR Map panel can be shown in excellent clarity at the same time that VR render scale is turned down.

A second slider for glass cockpit clarity would help VR users so much. Turn down main % for world and up for glass for the best of both worlds!

This is exactly why I’m suggesting to use the VR Overlays to rendering EFIS screens:
[BUG/FEATURE] EFIS Screens Problems and Solutions for higher legibility


Yes exactly! Asobo needs to bring you in as a consultant

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Also in non VR scenarios the glass cockpit displays seem to be more blurry than the rest of the cockpit and scenerey when render scaling is set below 100. Therefore my vote for a adding this option not only for VR mode but as a general graphics setting.