September 3rd, 2020 Development Update

Are those 1,181,568,554 miles flown upside down while taxiing backwards at 18ft altitude?

I had over 1000 miles taxiing done at first week…
And 2692 times recovered from stall… I’ve been stalling a lot… Sure I do believe these numbers!

The update is only 87KB. Not sure what’s going on on your end.

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Actually update was about 300 megabytes, and then about 90kb patch in game…

wind 225@3 will always be remembered! Glad to see the next patch will be an in game update :slight_smile:


Seems to be ranking fairly high given the 3 most voted for topics :smiley:

Happy to see it fixed and more focus on in-sim now that most install issues are considered fixed (is that verified btw?)

I’m impressed at how the Voting system has translated into the development roadmap. I actually didn’t give it much credit initially but I’m excited to see how it’s been taken onboard by Microsoft.

I was pretty disappointed and somewhat vocal about the weather issue within about 2 days of the initial release (Wasn’t involved in the pre-release program)

Moving forward, I think my own personal focus now will be trying to get DirectX 12 treated as a higher priority once the weather engine has been fixed, especially given the new hardware that’s about to hit the market.

Feel free to throw a vote on this thread if you agree. :blush:


Progress might be slower than what alot would like, but it looks like strong, committed, steady “onwards and upwards” to me. Cheers.

I was under the impression that the September update would be a World (scenery) update. But now it appears to be a feature update instead?

So happy to see everyone’s weather threads at the top of the bugs list. Great job everyone!

Now’s the time for Asobo to prove to us that they’re committed for the long run. :sunglasses:

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Fixing the major simulation issues that were busted at launch is arguably more important than anything you could add to the “world”.


thought this update would fix the dl stopping. still does it. I collected the inf to send but can not find how to do it.

Hmm. Quite a list.
Prioritising so many and varied requests must be a bit of a minefield.

To generalise, my priorities are anything that improves performance, and peripherals legacy support.
But then again flight physics, eye candy and …
S***t I can’t even sort my own priorities out let alone everyone else’s too.

Keep rolling 'em out team.
And thanks.

This is a terrific update. So transparent, and proves the devs, community managers and mods are listening to the community pro-actively. But I really believe it’s high time they take a month-long vacation and forget about flight sim development for a while. They are human beings just like us and they worked really hard to bring the simulator to this stage. They deserve a break


They should be rotating vacations regularly… just like most of the service industry.

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Great update this week. In the same way that the one from last week was criticized for being lackluster, we need to recognize such a comprehensive and open communication. We can see that feedback is considered, tracked, and the development efforts continue in full force.

Gives me a lot of confidence on the sim. We are not just there yet, but we may have in a short time a solution for most of the issues. Kudos to MS and Asobo


Good news and good update! Looking forward to the patch with the stated “significant” performance improvements. :smile:

I had terrible stutters from NZAA-KLAX. Without the flight plan over Queenstown was smooth

We should all take a screenshot during a flight with the indicated wind 225/3 for the last time as a memoir


After they fix the weather they can go for a few months. :rofl:

It really makes that much of a difference for many of us. I just got done with a flight in the huge storm off northern Scotland and I can say I have not experienced anything even remotely like that yet. It’s like I was experiencing the sim for the very first time again.

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Of course they’re listening to us, even if it seems like they may not. Plus the thing is, a HUGE percentage of gamers do NOT use forums and the like, that’s why the 236 seems super low compared to the 1m people. I was an avid forum user nearly 14 years ago. Haven’t touched forums until the past 4 months. I’m sure developers would love to get feedback to even 100k people, but that is not the case, more like less than 1k will submit any kind of feedback.