Servers down in the UK?

Can’t connect to servers and marketplace greyed out

Edit…my online settings were turned off for some reason…now it said my packages are out of date and do I want to install them, clicked ‘yes’ and was sent to the old ‘Press any key to continue’ screen which just keeps looping around and never starting :thinking:

I had this too today. I eventually got going but it wiped my profile. Oddly, whatever it was cured a problem I was having with CTD when entering the controls menu.

same happened to me, also i noticed my internet got lag ? and could get updates from app store for a while, after i restarted my PC i did update, but some times my PC just get lags every 10 sec. whatever i do, something weird going on.

It just happened to me in Italy too. I was flying when the message “the packages are not updated …” appeared and sent me back to the “Press any key to continue” screen

This issue showed up since yesterday as far as my knowledge goes.

I had it yesterday and after a fresh boot today it showed up again.

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