Shameless plug for an awesome freeware bush plane

This is the Got Gravel Savage Carbon bush plane. It’s an impressive piece of work by a very talented individual that tries to make his a/c as realistic as possible. I know, because I’m one of his test pilots during the many changes to the flight characteristics to try and make it as much fun as possible. His a/c is listed here at the bottom of the Aircraft Mods Megathread where I’m sure not many pilots get to see it. In the end, we would like for those who want to take a break from jets and turboprops, and just have fun flying a machine you can takeoff and land in your backyard.


And not just for bush trips. I spent a fun hour in Manhattan flying up and down streets/avenues yesterday. Excellent plane for city exploring and for landmarks, e.g. can land and takeoff from Liberty Island :grin:

Love how you don’t even need to full width (not length) of a runway to take off:


Cant find the aircraft mods thread

UPDATED: Savage Carbon - STOL Realism Mod (v1.0.5 / Nov 19) - Aircraft / Propellers/Twin-Props - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums is probably the one

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Nice takeoff. Yep, done that too. Loads of fun. During my tests, it was my job to try and wring as much performance as I could out of her. Well, I consider this test sort of overkill, but shows some of the capabilities of the a/c…