Sim Santa Edition before Xmas Day please

Asobo, the patch is getting mostly good general feedback.

It would be good to get the patch soon, as many have time off at the end of year.

GOTY to Santa Edition before Xmas Day please.


Really? … lol


It sounds like the patch might be out before the holidays, but its just a patch nothing more nothing less.

Yes really, a lot of simmers don’t want to sign up for Beta team (I was on original Beta before official release). But they need the patch.
Also hoping a fix can be included to smooth photogrammetry and get rid of stutters before takeoff.

We’re gonna test this thoroughly as long as it takes


I like JackMartin’s comment, test it till the cows come home to make sure it’s “correct” last thing we need at holidays is a patch which breaks something else. Keep up good work.


I can see this, release it on Thursday the 23rd, find the game wont run at full customer load and we go through the Christmas break without a sim, sounds perfect.


We all want a working product and given the chance to test this vigorously and I know I sure as heck am going to test every single thing available on all 3 platforms. It’s a must for us to report all of it the good the bad and the ugly . We’re gonna do our best guys


She’ll be right mate. Have faith in Asobo!

I hope so because being in the EU I think holiday breaks end in February or something?

Joking American who will be lucky to have the 25th off.


The Santa edition should also feature a new unique aircraft:

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Dont give ideas to them… In a few years, msfs will look like fps game, with a lot of colorful skins

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A couple of things with the Santa Edition

  1. They’d have to up the max sim rate so I could fly all over the world in one night
  2. All of the rooftops in the sim would start flickering making it hard to do a Santa approach in the snow and dark (Santa only flys at night!)

I wish Santa would come after every SU releases

Remember if you plan your route westward “a night” is 24hours long.


2nd paragraph - Release Notes

this upcoming December update

At first I thought you wanted a Santa Sleigh aircraft or something :sweat_smile:

I wanna use my TF104 to intercept Santa and provide an escort through Canadian Airspace. :slight_smile:

We’ve gone way off track from the original premise. Please move on.