SIm Update 7 - throttle isn't working anymore

Aersoft Box version Delux Premium with all current updates…

No dev mode…

Good day all here - happy new year!

After the latest Sim Update 7 some days ago the throttles are not responing anymore correctly. Only a very little movement of the throttles are visible in the cockpit(s) when moved in full from the hardware (here TCA Airbus) and no resulting acceleration/movement of any tested plane. The respective settings ans sensitivities havn’t been changed.

Thanks for any help idea and help - stay heathy!


Could this possibly be the problem? Users should always expect the need to change settings after any major sim update.

Have a look a this thread. You’ll need to map a different axis depending on the plane you fly.

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No problem - that might be orrect but whitout knowledge what to change and how to change this is very time wasting…



Isn’t time wasting the whole point of every flight sim? :rofl:


Sitting at cruise for an hour, thinking “I should be painting the garage”.

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I bought the supplies needed to renovate a table three months ago, they are still on my desk :joy:

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I’m seeing throttle problems with ATC window opened.

What aircraft are you trying to fly? Stock or addon?

Asobo also did away with a bunch of legacy XML code in the last update, which broke throttle functionality on a bunch of addon aircraft still using legacy code.

So, if it doesn’t turn out to be a hardware or configuration issue, it may just be that. Easiest way to verify is to try it on a stock aircraft with no modifications.

Good day Rotornut44!

Good point - to clarify the findings: All Asbobo planes, the CRJ, the CJ4 and the A32NX are working fine. Some third party props and the H135 from HPG are not working anymore.

So you must be right with the XML code. I will tell them accordingly if possible.

Thanks for your time - stay healthy!


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