SimConnect and GPS Event IDs

Sure sounds very interesting…can’t wait to understand the process and adapt it to joystick buttons…
Thanks Mobiflight

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This is truly awesome!!! Since I’m using joystick board, you said we can still access these events from SimConnect? Would we be able just simply use it like something below or would it require something else?

hr = SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent(hSimConnect, EVENT_GPS_DIRECT, “MOBIFLIGHT_GPS_DIRECT”);

oh shoot, it won’t work with a joystick … i assumed you were using arduino a, sorry - but i will think about a solution to do it with generic joysticks

I have an arduino uno so i will try it but my home cockpit uses a joystick board so it would be very nice to have it work …thanks

Nooo, I was so excited haha. I guess back to this WASM madness. Can you help with triggering with legacy/guage.h ? I tried the below two from WASM module, but still no luck, other non GPS key evens seems to working just fine.

trigger_key_event(KEY_GPS_DIRECTTO_BUTTON, 0);
send_key_event(KEY_GPS_DIRECTTO_BUTTON, 0);

Thanks a lot! It’s awesome to finally have this.

You can find instructions and a list of all SimConnect Events supported by the MobiFlight connector here:

I’m using it with X-Touch-Mini-FS2020, but it also works with SPAD.neXt (by defining a custom client event). I’d guess that it works with FSUIPC too, but haven’t tested that.

And he is right, you don’t even need to run MobiFlight for this to work. Just download it to get the module. But if you have an Arduino setup anyway, MobiFlight is a good solution.


Wow…you have my attention qwrtty…i will try to use fsuipc botton control and see if it works…

OMG!!! Somebody finally did it and fixed FS2020, thank you MobiFlight so much!!! Now all of the cockpit builders can finally use their hardware with FS2020. I can’t wait to finally fly approaches with FS2020 and PilotEdge. I’ve tested several events and they are now exposed in SimConnect (simply use “MobiFlight.AS530_DirectTo_Push”). So they probably work in FSUPC as well after just adding this WASM module to community folder. Thank you!!!

How can we use it with fsuipc ?
I have installed the vasm module in the community folder…how to push the right event id with fsuipc ?

I’ve been tinkering with your wasm module all afternoon, and I am able to finally interact with the 530/430! Excellent work!

I need to teach myself web assembly now so I can do something similar to what you’ve done! :smiley:

Oh no…does not work with my uno board…:pensive:

that’s too bad, the uno has so limited memory… i will hopefully find the reason why it not connects reliably. maybe you got a Mega2560 at hand?

Ideal for me would be to make it work with fsuipc button assignment.
If not, i will buy a mega board and rewire my pfd and mfd.

This sounds really promising. Could you please explain how to use this in SPAD.neXt. Im not sure how to define a custom client event.

Never mind. I figured it out myself. AND IT WORKS!
In SPAD.neXt:
addons -> client events -> Add Client Event

Thanks for the info! I see the custom expression screen in SPAD.Next. What should be the Name versus the Control Event ID? Can you share a screen shot of one of your working client events?

Of course.
The only field that has to be specific is Control Event ID. You can come up with your own name for your custom event. (Thats the name you search for when adding the event to a button.) Note that you can select scope for the event to be global or profile specific.

The example below works nicely. Change to a different pagegroup on the GNS530 (Cessna 172) and then press your assigned button. This will make the GNS530 switch back to the first pagegroup.

You find the available Control Event IDs at

Spad MF

You should be able to configure your generic joystick in SPAD.neXt. Then you could make use of this wasm. I connect an Arduino Leonardo board that way, which essentially is a generic joystick as far as Windows knows.

That is very interesting LikelyMatt…
Can you try to map a button from your yoke for example and report if you were able to do it…if so, i will buy right away…:grin:…and will give to mobiflight also…we can’t forget his work with the wasm module…:+1:

I’m quite certain it would work with my Honeycomb yoke, because I know for a fact that spad recognises it, but I’ll verify tomorrow and let you know.