Simple CTD Fix. Possible Live Weather Problems

Hey guys, I was personally having random CTD’s on the runway after loading in and my throttle was not working either. Also, the time on the global map was messed up. Menus and getting in game was fine.

I deleted my rolling cache, set frame limit to 60 and disabled live weather.

I think live weather is completely broken.

If you are having random CTD’s only after loading in and getting on the runway I suggest turning live weather off.

I instantly had a working throttle and no instant ctd after about 30 seconds. Game seems to be working again.

I’ve had this suspicion for a long time as well.

Sucks that Asobo don’t investigate or admit that live weather crapping out could cause CTD’s. It makes it so much harder to isolate the causes of CTD’s when sometimes it’s just random live weather glitches.

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Luckily I’m not the only one to say it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

Exactly, what’s even more hilarious are the people in the forum suggesting you have hardware problems or that you need fresh installs of everything on your whole ■■■■ pc.

I guess everyone has “hardware problems” every single time they update the game.

It’s like 99% of this forum just started playing a month ago and doesn’t understand that literally every single update breaks this alpha we play.


no it does not, most users have not these problems.


beta :rofl: :wink:

True, personally, never had problems with the updates (even if they don’t make sense), but Live Wheather and the AI ​​traffic, for me are not usable from the beginning,
it is a fact that removed those, never again had CTD

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I don’t really care about most users. This was posted for those who have random CTD’s lately. And it is common knowledge that live weather has been having connectivity issues. When that happens you get an automatic CTD. The forum is literally packed with problems from every update since the games release. But thanks for your insightful input.

There have been on going live weather issues since they started at the beginning of the year and even a few hotfixes haven’t resolved the issue.


I’ve just come to post about Sky4sim causing me CTD’s but thinking it might be the live weather.

I don’t fly with live weather normally but I bought Sky4Sim app a couple days ago and now the game CTD constantly, usually on the flight loading screen, and if not, only a minute or two into starting my flight.
I had assumed it was Sky4Sim but it just crashed again now even with that not running.

I do have live weather enabled though as Sky4sim has the Metar data and I’d been wanting to try it out.

Do my crashed sound in line with a possible live weather problem as well? It’s usually crashing on the flight loading screen rather than getting to the actual flight.