SkyDemon Integration

It would be great to have integration with SkyDemon like X-Plane does.

Currently i’m using Skydemon with MSFS with Xmapsy and it works great. It even shows traffic in Skydemon. Only thing that doesn’t work is exporting flight plans from Skydemon to MSFS. I tried using conversion software but te resulting PLN files aren’t recognised by MSFS.

So now i sometimes copy waypoint coordinates from Skydemon and paste in the planning screen of MSFS if i really need the route in the G1000, but in practice i just use HDG mode and navigate with Skydemon only.

That sounds brilliant. Well done for finding that and sharing. Thanks I will try it.

Excellent - got it installed it and it worked first time - fantastic - thanks for the help.

Also for GPS and traffic information good solution is SimNaviR from SimMarket

Any plug in that use the xplane protocol should work. There’s a lot or choice :slight_smile: I personnaly use the free fs2ff (Release v0.1.14 · astenlund/fs2ff · GitHub). I can use Skydemon when flying in Europe and my Foreflight app when flying in US.

Did you guys recognise, that SkyDemon is possible in MSFS as an ingame panel now?

  1. Update your System on 22H2 (Win11) - that absolutley mandatory for what comes next.

  2. Install “Windows Subsystem for Android”

  3. Reboot at least 1 time - bette 2 times

  4. Go to the settings section of the “Windows Subsystem for Android” → Developer mode → switch it on

  5. Install WSATools via MS App Store

  6. Download SkyDemon APK

  7. Install APK with WSATools (just follow the WSA instruction) - you need to let WSA install adb

  8. Buy FSDesktop (

  9. Launch and activate FSDesktop application

  10. Launch SkyDemon Android application in the subsystem

  11. Get Xmapsy and set it on GDS90 - run it

  12. Launch the Sim

  13. On an airfield, open the FSDesktop ingamel panel and choose Skydemon to be shown

  14. Set image quality high and frame rate high (@ the bottom of the ingame panel)

Caution: Please follow Christians guide on github (GitHub - Christian1984/fsdesktop: FSdesktop brings all your desktop applications inside your Microsoft Flight Simulator VR cockpit. Visit to learn more!). Use MSFS in windowed mode and place the window, that you want to show visible next to it. Then, even in VR mode, buttons are klickable. Be aware, that drag and drop support will follow later, same with right klick.

Works in 2D like a charm - as well as in VR mode! I’m just at the beginning of trying it out. Thus, it’s a matter of time for the next steps. Plus, the dev of FSDesktop (Chris from Cologne in Germany is very supportive).


Darn it. So, we´re forced over to Win 11 to make this work with an in-panel, in msfs, for VR usage… I´ll wait ufn.

Well, if you don’t want to use the Android App, you can use SkyDemon for Windows. But the usability is different in flight mode. Thus, if you want the real experience, you need Win11.

You can also experiment with Android emulators like BlueStacks, which run on Windows 10.

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