Small Update today

There was a small update today. Anyone knows what is it for. There is nothing the the News and Announcements section.

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I’ve just had it too. Just over 1gb, but it was over too quick for me to read the release notes. Something about improving D12 but I didn’t catch any more.

It appears to be AIRAC cycle. 43MB


I also encountered the same situation 43MB, if you don’t say I don’t know if it is to update AIRAC

Update game navigation data

Whilst it is the AIRAC file, when you run msfs, it seems to be saying you are downloading the last sim update again, even though you are not. I can’t understand why Asobo don’t tell you what the update really is.

As it has happened before, I’m not to bothered as I am expecting it, but why not tell the truth?