SteppingBorders Project Pt. 1: Canada

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In the opening post I’ve explained what I count as a “state”. For this project I’ll use the word for the largest administrative subdivision of a country in Little NavMaps. Otherwise the title of this thread would be far to long.

SBP 1: Canada #013
Flight from North Bay (CYYB) to Timmins (CYTS).

  1. Following Highway 11 out of North Bay to the northwest.

  2. The eastern arms of Lake Temagami.

  3. The northern part of Lake Temagami. The small round-ish island the the center-right is Horseshoe Island.

  4. A look back towards Lady Evelyn River (left), Hobart Lake (below us) and Sucker Gut Lake (far background).

  5. Landscape near Birch Lake (right). The entire area is dotted by small ponds and lakes.

  6. Approaching Timmins with Night Hawk Lake to our right. Some small roads are cutting through the woods below.


  • How does it come that I think before every flight during the last week: “Won’t this become boring? Just forests and lakes, perhaps a river in between?” And everytime Canada proves me wrong. Lake Temagami was an awesome sight!

SBP 1: Canada #014
Flight from Timmins (CYTS) to Carey Lake (CNX3).

  1. Kapuskasing on the eastern shore of Kapuskasing River in Northern Ontario.

  2. Large forest clearing near Bergsma Lake. There is a railway track running along the eastern side of the clearing.

  3. A smaller creek joining Opasatika River near Opasatika (the long row of houses to the left).

  4. A railway track (closer) and Highway 11 (further away) running parallel to each other between Opasatika and Mattice.

  5. Taken south of Mattice (central background) with Missinabi River right in front of us.

  6. Leaving Hearst behind us. Mattawishkwia River is running along the southern rim of the town.


  • Since LiveWeather was cloudy, stormy and snowy at the same time I decided to use this flight for playing a bit with the custom weather settings to create a nice looking snowy landscape without the clouds. I believe I managed it.
  • The sides of rivers and lakes are still green when using custom snow settings. I had to work much more with angling my shots to not show this immersion-breaking look.
  • This is our northernmost airfield so far! Before this leg it was Springdale in Newfoundland that held this title!

A small announcement: Due to coming into the end phase of writing my Master thesis and wrapping up my studies I will post only infrequently until March. So don’t worry, I just have a lot going on right now.

I’ll try to post at least once or twice per week!

SBP 1: Canada #015
Flight from Carey Lake (CNX3) to Ogoki Post (CYKP).

  1. Passing St. Joseph Lake after take-off.

  2. Gull Lake with several smaller ponds around it.

  3. Turning to the northwest above Albany River near the border between Northwestern and Northeastern Ontario.

  4. Following Albany River upstream after finishing the turn.

  5. Flying along Albany River’s eastern bank with the sun warming our backs.

  6. Passing Mogridge Lake (center) and Wabimeig Lake (right) before arriving in Ogoki Post.


  • I tried to work with a few new camera angles and image compositions to keep the important parts centered for cropping 1:1 images as covers for IG later.
  • The woods are changing again - the region near Albany River reminds me a bit of the interior of Newfoundland.
  • As you may have already guessed our destination for this etappe is Rankin Inlet, the only airfield in Nuunavut that is somewhat close to our transcontinental route. Therefore we’ll cross Ontario, Northern Manitoba and then travel from Churchill, Manitoba north to the Inlet. At least that’s the general plan.

SBP 1: Canada #016
Flight from Ogoki Post (CYKP) to Summer Beaver (CJV7).

  1. Forests northwest of Ogoki Post Airport.

  2. Albany River with some river islands northwest of Marten Falls First Nation.

  3. Several smaller lakes on the course of Attawapiskat River.

  4. Larger lake on Attawapiskat River near the southeastern shore of Lake Attawapiskat.

  5. Northern parts of Lake Attawapiskat.

  6. I believe this is a snow-covered creek or small river, but I’m not sure about it. Taken southwest of Mameigwess Lake.


  • I am currently experimenting with different drone altitudes and distances to get more impressive landscape shots. I think it is working quite well!
  • I think I’ve found the right amount of snow coverage for these beauty shots. About 2.60 in the weather editor.

SBP 1: Canada #017
Flight from Summer Beaver (CJV7) to Muskrat Dam (CZMD).

  1. After Take-Off to the northwest of Summerbeaver / Nibinamik.

  2. The Wunnumin Lake 1 Reserve of the Wunnumin Lake First Nation.

  3. The Kingfisher Lake Community (right) of the Kingfisher First Nation.

  4. A change of landscape - the forests are receeding and it looks more like the scenery we’ve seen in central Newfoundland.

  5. Strange wood and plain patterns on the southern shore of Makoop Lake.

  6. Approaching Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation and it’s airfield.


  • Somehow the lakes and forests between Kingfisher Lake and Makoop Lake seem strange and angular instead of having natural outlines. I think the engine has some troubles with this area.
  • We’ve almost reached Manitoba. One trip and we’re on the other side of the border!
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SBP 1: Canada #018
Flight from Muskrat Dam (CZMD) to Gods River (CZGI).

  1. Frozen Lake south of Sachigo Lake.

  2. The eastern part of Sachigo Lake.

  3. Little Sachigo Lake in the far distance.

  4. Crossing the border to Manitoba near Pierce Lake.

  5. Sharpe Lake near the horizon.

  6. Manto Sipi Cree Nation with Gods River Airport to the right. The frozen lake to the left is the eponymous Gods Lake.


  • Flying with LiveWeather since it isn’t constantly overcast anymore. 29kn crosswinds & -15°C made it even more interesting.
  • Somehow the frozen bodies of water in MSFS look weird. I can’t pin it on anything, it’s just strange to look at.
  • We made it to Manitoba after 8 flights in Ontario!
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SBP 1: Canada #019
Flight from Gods River (CZGI) to Gillam (CYGX).

  1. Northwestern part of Gods Lake.

  2. Eastern end of Knee Lake.

  3. Connecting river between Atikosis Lake (left) and Stupart Lake (right).

  4. Landscape near the North Angling Lakes.

  5. Provincial Route 280 towards Gillam with the Nelson River in the background.

  6. Above Gillam (right) and the Nelson River.


  • Somehow LittleNavmap started glitching today, constantly showing me defunct tiles instead of accurate map data.
  • Originally I planned on flying straight to Churchill, Manitoba but I had to cut that trip short due to time issues. The leg to Churchill will be the next one.

SBP 1: Canada #020
Flight from Gillam (CYGX) to Churchill (CYYQ).

  1. Leaving Gillam behind us. The town sits on the southeastern shore of Stephens Lake.

  2. Limestone Generating Station, a hydroelectric dam on Nelson River near Gillam, Manitoba.

  3. Weir River Station, where a rail line crosses Weir River.

  4. Goodman Lake (right), Ward Lake (behind it) as well as several other lakes and ponds in Northern Manitoba.

  5. Sunset over Churchill River.

  6. Approaching Churchill, Manitoba on the southern shore of Hudson Bay.


  • I don’t really understand the time settings in MSFS - I pick a local time for my flight and when I load into the game it changes it to my current local time, just in the timezone of my departure airport.
  • Finally we’re out of the woods.
  • I made some modifications to our trip to Nunavut - we won’t go to Rankin but land on a small unmarked airfield halfway between Churchill and Rankin. It would take too much time for the entire way north and back.