Still no Nvidia Driver!

I sure hope we get that driver before SU10 goes live.

Many of us have been waiting for it and was the main reason SU10 got pushed out even further.

To not get that update would mean we will not get that awesome DX12 performance we saw at beginning of beta.

For me, SU10 would be somewhat of a disappointment as we were all expecting a very good performance gain from this SU.

And so far there hasn’t been a single word from Asobo or MSFS and when there is so much silence usually means not so good.

A new studio driver is out

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I just looked at the Drivers. Got the Version 1694 which is from 07.21.2022

Worry not, it will be out when it’s done.
Take a stroll outside or read an interesting book. There are more important things in life than waiting for a driver to be released :smiley:


Make sure that you choose Studio Driver in the GeoForce Experience app

Yes but we are all assuming it was to be a game ready driver.

Yet again, this goes with what I been saying as there is not so much clear communication from anybody on what exactly we need.

Is it studio or game ready drivers?



That was brutal. Please have mercy, we all are addicted to this game.


Huh?? Actually I’m working right now and multitasking. :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Please use this topic for Nvidia Drivers: