Strange ambient sound at airports

I’ll be at some po-dunk grass airfield and you still hear taxiing jets.

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Yep, same issue. Its the only problem ive found so far with su11.

Sounds like a similar issue we had earlier in the year with one of the other airplane’s engine sounds permiating into the cockpit.

Forgot what it was, but it sounded like a rough, misfiring engine that didn’t go away until you were a few thousand feet above the airport.

Hello community,

yesterday i successfully installed the latest SU11 and am already overwhelmed with all the new features and optimizations!

What i though instantly noticed are weird/spookey and very loud engine noises that remind you of high pitched turbine sounds. These “spawn” somehow randomly when you are in the external camera view and also kick in instantly (as if that sound pattern just loaded up), which really makes you twitch every time it happens. Also after a while (but not always) these noises disappears again without touching any controls or settings.

In cockpit view you do not hear any of these sounds at all, but once you switch back to external cam, it is again present. This also applies to Gliders without any engines, which makes it look even more weird.

It is really annoying because it appears out of a sudden and you also can’t disable it in anyway (unlike it stops randomly again or you restart the flight). Due to this, it is not enjoyable at the moment, because the loudness of this apparent bug is breaking any immersion of the flight.

My question would be, did anyone else notice something like this with the latest Update? I myself never had that issue before SU11.


Yes i have the same issue. It is actually very annoying. Havent found a solution. If anyone can helpl, please do.

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MS is aware and confirmed the bug.

Workaround is find the sound folders for the A310 and Jenny and rename them until we get a fix.


I have the same problem since the new SU11 as soon as I switch to the outside view, very loud engine noise

I have the same issue after SU11. I can’t enjoy the simulator because of this.

Do we know when t his will be fixed??

It’s probably FSRealistic. Disable it and check if you still hear the noises.

No it‘s not. I don‘t have FSRealistic.


I don‘t have FSRealistic.

I have FSRealistic but never run after SU11. For now, I just deleted 310. In larger airports, it is very annoying.

Hi there,
I moved your topic to Community Support, where people help each other with issues.
I know this may seem weird to put this in a subcategory called “Aircraft & Systems” with a title about airports, but I’m moving this here because this appears to be caused by aircraft.

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I completely unistalled a310 and jenny, that’s not fix this issue. Still TOGA sound when AI simply taxiing

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Same and even tried the fix for the a310 and jenny from which did not fix this bug when watching AI taxiing around.


I have same issue, ai taxing at full n1/n2 super loud… a instant must fix bug for me!

Ant Idea if they are fixing that in the latest beta opened? I readed a fix for A310 sounds, but nothing related to re addressing properly AI sounds😟

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No, the latest beta did not fix the issue.

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Bad, really bad…really kill the ambient immersion specially who use FLSTL

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Different bug as this one effects hearing Jet engine takeoffs constantly while viewing AI taxing around using external drone view. No Jetliners are taking off yet you hear the constant on and off of their jet engines at full throttle. Happens no matter using live traffic, AI traffic or 3rd party traffic like FSLTL.