STUTTERING after taking off when starting a flight from platform

It started happening shortly… just notice 1 week ago.

When I start a flight from the platform, after taking off the scenery start stuttering and nothing seems to fix it, nor rolling caché, nor moving down my graphics options.

But when I start a flight from the runway, the scenery behaves normally.

Any ideas?

Yes. It’s all in here.

Yes, I know but I am using “shift z” tool to see my statistics.

FPS seems to be fine, 39 - 45. The only problem is what I described above…

If a start a flight from the platform, taxi, and take off, then stuttering becomes a constant along the flight no matter de density of the scenery, but if I started from the runway, no stuttering at all. It seems as a bug related with the loading memory?

The shift z tool isn’t going to help you. The answers are in that thread. If you go through the steps and still have a problem, at least you know it’s not because you haven’t eliminated the easy answers first.

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