Stutters on planes with monitors

There is a massive difference in overall performance between airplanes which come with monitors (GPS or otherwise) on board and those that don’t. If it only reduced FPS it would be ok but these things induce massive amounts of stutter.

Is there any way to get this fixed, to be honest I’d rather just limit the refresh rate of these monitors to something like 5 frames per second to minimize this effect and the current options in the options menu don’t help. VR is tough enough to get acceptable performance in without trying to accomodate for this additional burden.

I hope optimization of this is high on the priority list as I have decided to not purchase the software after my game pass period runs out this month purely due to this issue.

Try raising the glass cockpit refresh to high. I know it’s counter intuitive but I read on here how that works and it seems to work for me.

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Explained here:
How does Gauge Refresh Rate is causing more stutters if not set to HIGH


Thanks for the heads up, makes a lot of sense! So basically this tech they sourced is not up to the task. I have changed the refresh to HIGH and unfortunately in VR it still stutters quite a bit and the difference is unmeasurable. Is there a list of aircraft that use this EFIS tech and those that don’t?

Going from a perfectly smooth 60 FPS in VR with a Cessna 152 in rural England to a Cessna 172 at the same location is night and day for frame pacing.

The same behaviour can be seen in 2D mode.

@NickUK do you happen to have the windows 10 Hardware Accelerated Graphics setting enabled? If so, try disabling it, then restart your computer and test again. When I was tuning in my settings for VR, I found that this was causing stutters in planes with glass cockpits that were less/not obvious in the c152/172 with steam gauges.

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Yeah, I am a tweaking nut and tried all the options :slight_smile:

The only thing I see fixing it would probably be the ability to disable the screens all together, or the mythical holy grail that is the DX12 patch and allow the EFIS screens to be off-loaded to its own seperate core.

I was having the same problem. Planes with screens were off limits. What helped me was using the SteamVR Linux Beta instead of the standard Beta. I flew the 172 last night for a few hours and it was like night and day. I wouldn’t say it was perfect all the time, but it was unplayable before.

I also followed the guide from this post to help dial in my initial settings:

I’m running 3900x / 2080 ti / 32GB @ 3600

Edit: I also had to use Low for Volumetric clouds. My PC was begging me to stop on Medium whenever I got close to a cloud.

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