Stuttgart Airport, Germany (EDDS) Missing in NavBlue/ASOBO Database

Brief description of the issue:
At the World Map flight plan screen, searching in the airport/waypoints database, I realized Stuttgart Airport (EDDS) is simply not existing…

Hey there, fortunately this forum has a great search bar in top right corner where you can search everything you want to know.

Please check this out.

This issue has been discussed since the release - every airport that is somehow “disabled” in the Bing maps won’t exist in MSFS.

Disabled means:

  • the area is pixelated in the map (like EDDS…for whatever reason)
  • there are clouds over the airport so the AI is not able to “detect” it
  • there are temporary constructions etc. in the recorded satellite image which somehow cover the airport for the AI (Heubach is a good example - there is a huge white tent from a corporate celebration event in the picture; so the airport wasn’t recognized)

The link by GateGiorgo is the way to go.

Please vote in this well established thread, where Stuttgart is one of the airports listed.

As mentioned, for now there is an addon as an alternative.