Sweet Mooney M20R

I have my first payware aircraft in the hanger and its the Mooney M20R Ovation and its a sweetheart, I checked all the systems and autopilot on a flight from CYBD-CA14 and everything works like a charm including aircraft performance and feel, i have many Carenado aircraft for XP11 and thoroughly happy with all their products better yet as far as I’m concerned no glass cockpit only steam gauges which is good for us older real world pilots


come on friend, share with me, I’m crazy about this aircraft!

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its on the marketplace best $29 i spent all week


Dangit, don’t say nice things about the marketplace items, I don’t need an excuse to start dropping money there already.


Come on you only live once :joy:


Ugh, I want to see it but I can’t open the game right now!! You said it’s Carenado? It’s weird that they don’t they list any of their MSFS2020 releases on their site.

I was wondering that too. Maybe because they are only sold through the marketplace. They haven’t Tweeted about it either, as far as I’ve seen.
But there is a Youtube video already where someone has taken it for a test drive.

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Ey! can you share the link? I can’t find the video

We need a flight review! Steam gauges make it soooo tempting!


Really? I am a little bit hesitant, since the C182T was kind of a downer


Found it! I can’t wait to fly it later.

Looks like I might have to go for that one. One of my go to aircraft in P3D.

The video is 720P (Why not HD?) and the instruments and all around look blurred. Do you have another link?

That’s what the person recorded it in. I’m sure some of the usual FS YouTubers will be showing it in short order. Gonna give it a bit to see before I throw down the bucks.

Yeah, it’s the only one so far. 720p unfortunately. And it’s weird because the thumbnail on YoutTube is an F-14, lol

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From the video it looks like you can retract the landing gear. So far in this sim, there is no aircraft with:

Steam Gauges
A Prop (Blue) Lever
Retractable Landing Gear

I think I might try it out.


Just picked this up as well. Don’t usually go for Carenado planes but thought I’d take a chance on this one. Glad I did. Really nice! The sounds and feel are great :+1:


Couldn’t wait. It’s like a warm blanket.

It does not come with a checklist. Does anyone know where to find a checklist for this DLC?

There is documentation here:
I am ashamed to admit that even with this, I can’t get the engine to start :cold_sweat: