SwissMilSim Vampire out

Also at Simmarket but I went for mailsoft to try them out…link says Venom but it’s the Vampire…

EDIT: Quick summary… I like it :slight_smile:
Needs some work on cockpit textures and doesn’t look like all of the knobs work but not read the manual or had more than 5 minutes to fly.
Doesn’t want to slow down for landing, probably need to lose speed in the circuit before descending, maybe FM needs improving,
Only swiss repaints (and cockpit textures) hopefully many more will come soon…
No weapons (yet) promised for ‘later’


Woohoo! Standby for RCAF paint schemes. Been waiting for this aircraft.

Looks like a conversion job, hence why a few oddities need ironing out! On the whole its a good jet to fly, good for beginners…

No necessarily a bad thing.
That said: does is also have a 2D cockpit panel like the Morane-Saulnier?

Here’s a few cockpit images…

That looks very … FSX to me.
All the surface aren’t painted and then aged with PBR, but the effect is done with textures from photographs. Panel is a little better than the MS, but the rest is very similar in quality. If it cost 10,-€, I would probably try it, but not for 25,-€.


I’ll try to wait for a sale. The visual fidelity just isn’t even close for me.

I got it and it’s a pretty decent plane. The sound alone was reason enough for me to buy after watching the few youtube videos that were out at the time. Flight model feels visceral and requires precision, very fun flyer. I don’t know if it’s a bug or an error on my part but the nosewheel only wants to turn when you apply a little differential braking in that direction and when it does it wants to overcorrect. It may be something i’m doing wrong, anyone else experience the same thing?

Straight from the P3D hangar with a few tweaks here and there to make it work with MSFS… Probably should have saved the money now in hindsight but I have a soft spot for classic British stuff… :slight_smile:

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Same problem here, the plane is nearly uncontrollable on the ground. It’s clearly a bug! I will inform the developper.
Otherwise the flight model is really good and it’s a pleasure to fly the Vampire. Even though the textures seriously need an upgrade.

From the Air Ministry Pilots Notes for the Vampire “The nosewheel can swivel freely through 360 degrees”, it goes on to warn about damaging the oleos through turning too tightly - this is how it works, it’s not a bug, the nosewheel castors and is not connected to the rudder pedals…


Thanks for the clarification, after work I’m going to have to go through the manual.

Anyone know if I need to install the ‘PackagesMetadata’ into the community folder too?

The manual just says (after translation as this paragraph is still in German)

“The Vampire DH-100 MSFS extension must be installed in the Community folder by selecting the Copy/paste ‘swissmilsim-vampire-dh-100’ there”

…but there is a ‘swissmilsim-vampire-dh-100’ in both folders in the zip

I had to create a folder of that name in my community folder, then copy everything from the zip straight into the new folder - my zip (from Mailsoft) didn’t have the top level folder.

My word this method of turning is going to take some getting used to. Any tips for ground handling? I was hoping to cheat with and find a way to control the wheel angle with a custom axis on the rudder but haven’t found a way yet.

Use rudder pedals and be gentle?

Check and check. Still very difficult to get it to go straight down the taxiway/runway (and tbh having that brake sound playing over and over can get a bit grating). Hoping the devs give us a cheat mode with proper (if incorrect) nose wheel steering.

Out to n Xbox and I couldn’t resist (again). First impression is not so great.

Does anyone know how to deal with the APU? According to the checklist, we should call a Jeep.

You’ll need to set up keybinds for ‘Toggle APU’ (summons the Jeep) and ‘APU Starter’ (the Jeep will begin powering the aircraft)

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I’ve posted my english cockpit and RAF livery for the Swissmilsim Vampire at
Note this is not a historically completely accurate livery or cockpit but it works well, especially in VR.…milsim-vampire