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Hi RitzierMage3995, could you please edit your post with some further details on your issue? The post is currently just the topic template and the community can assist further.

HI having trouble with setting this topic up.

The problem is that I’ve just installed the latest updates to the sim. Now when I attempt to move a switch it just highlights flashing up and down with a message ‘Press ? to interact’ It doesn’t matter which switch or knob I try to manipulate it highlights and I can’t set it. Had no problem before this update. Thanks…

Go into Accesability options and change “Locked” to “Legacy”

Okay thanks I will do that.

Sorry to clarify…

Options / General Options / Accessibility

Cockpit Interaction - Its Set Lock by default but can be reverted to “Legacy” mode ie mouse & kyboard

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Thanks once again. I’m back in business.

Does this setting to legacy also change the new click and hold behavior ?
I like how I can now make changes to Alt HDG easily while in turbulent weather.

Yes. It reverts the interactions to how they worked historically. The new interactions were coded with Xbox in mind (I believe).

Ah ok thanks

Closing this thread as resolved and solution marked. If anyone comes across a similar problem, please try resetting to “Legacy” as per:

Cockpit interactions