Tablet in H145 Helicopter

The tablet in my H145 helicopter only has a setup screen (brightness, external power, etc). I cannot find a way to get beyond the basic setup. I’m hoping someone can help me unlock the full capabilities of the tablet.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

It’s an early access beta i.e. the aircraft isn’t finished yet.

Thanks for your reply, AndyDigital. The reason I asked my question is that I’ve seen several YouTube videos that show the tablet with many more screens beyond the basic setup, but I can’t find a video that says how to get beyond the basic setup.

Join the HPG Discord server - then see the H145 discussion. The H145 is not the same as the H135, especially when it comes to functionality added to the tablet. For instance, if you want AutoPilot functionality or don’t want to have to use your rudder pedals to counteract torque in straight-ahead flight, the options for those are currently on the main control panels, not on the tablet. The main developer interacts a lot with users in the Discord forum but I think the reason for the tablet difference is, as pointed out by AndyDigital, is the H145 is early access and the developer just didn’t want to smack dab copy H135 features into the H145 but rather carefully rework all aspects of what’s been done so far - that takes time and a lot of diligence. Both the H145 and the H135 have an external camera that looks down the H135 does not. That’s made all the difference to me in landing where I want and avoiding things that will cause a crash when descending.

Edit_Update: See my following post below. My Bad. H135 in version 1.4.1 also has an External Camera 4 that looks down in the Showcase camera views. I just failed to scroll past the first 3 camera views offered to notice it.

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May I ask how to turn it on because I’m still new to it.:sweat_smile:

You have all the functions, you may have seen videos on YouTube where users replaced their wallpaper, or videos from the H!35 which did have more tablet functions but to move the aircraft more in the direction of realism a lot of those features are now placed in reasonable places around the aircraft.


@SphericWolf1. Well, I was wrong. Both H135 and H145 have a “looking straight down camera” apparently on the tail rotor behind the main body (cabin). A perennial problem I have with camera views is realizing that I have to scroll down to see more views and I wasn’t scrolling with the H135 to see more views than just the first three that were offered.

The cameras are part of the MSFS framework itself that developers can latch onto. When you have picked a flight, activated it, and are sitting on the ground preparing for takeoff, if you move your mouse cursor up toward the top center of the screen, you should see the triangular Control Bar icon (#1) appear in the center of the top of the screen. Click on that and a bunch of applet icons will appear horizontally across the top of the screen. Click on the camera icon #2 (the camera control window has minimize, maximize, close controls). Now click on Showcase #3. Then move your mouse cursor down to where External Cameras 1, 2, and 3 should be showing. Click and drag on the blue scroll bar. When External Camera 4 is in view, click on that (#4). If the looking down view doesn’t show, click on External Camera 4 again. The choice should get greyed out. If this is your first and last deliberate camera selection, hitting the END key on your keyboard should toggle you between cockpit view and Showcase External Camera 4 looking down while you are in flight. You can use shortcut keys or key bindings to make the switch or assign a particular camera view to a button on a control, IIRC, but I am a relative newbie, too, and usually just stick to using the END key toggle or using my mouse in flight with the camera window floating but minimized (click on attached picture to enlarge).

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try it to see if it can give a better view during the flight and landing.:pray:t2::+1:t2:

Thanks for everyone’s replies regarding the tablet on the H145. When I saw a fully functioning tablet on YouTube videos of the H145, I assumed that I would also have access to that feature, but from what you’re telling me, the beta version does not. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my concern.

No, you’ve read that wrong:

You’re right. I meant to say that those functions do not appear on the tablet. Thanks for the correction.

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