Tecnam P2012 is Here

Will there be a way to buy this without making yet another account if I don’t have an Aerosoft account? Did the other Tecnam ever hit the marketplace for example?

Yes it did. I bought it at Just Flight but even then you still have to use the Aerosoft One app to install it so if you really don’t want that, then wait for MP :wink:

Completed a first start and quick flight in the Cape Air livery and so far so good. Did have an activation issue and was in the process of troubleshooting when an update appeared with a fix. If you were an early downloader like me just update and all is well. You will need a product key though which I’ve not needed for any other MSFS aircraft. Quality feels good but too early to fully comment on flight model, systems and sounds after such a short initial flight, although I will say the sounds did seem meek but that may be a characteristic of this modern aircraft. Will be looking to externally control all the switches and buttons too so I’ll dig into that in the following days.


Where did you buy?

Aerosoft or Contrail.

I know, but I want to know on which of them he bought that he got the update so fast. Sometimes the shops take longer to update. I want to buy on the one that gets the updates faster.

This will be a good option for my Beaver Island Michigan flights in the winter time to have something more powerful than a Cessna 208 to handle that crazy wind :slight_smile:

the md302 (attitude indicator right of the pfd) is not working for me…only in pitch up and down but not in roll

Might not be able to wait for the market place for this one.

My first impression is very positive. The airplane is beautifully modeled and has flight characteristics that feel realistic.

I particularly like the different configurations (airline, cargo, medical, etc.)

The most important thing for me personally, however, is that there is a real ZilAir livery and the corresponding missions in the Seychelles. I feel like I’m on vacation again. :heart:

Many thanks to FSS, very good work. :wave:

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From Aerosoft.

I read a little about the actual aircraft and I was surprised to learn it is quite affordable (for an airline), about $2.5 million new. It also has simplified/automated mixture controls and a few other things.

For this add-on, what options are there for flight planning beyond using the awesome physical keyboard? Simbrief import, World Map compatible?

Here’s a link to the product documentation for anyone that likes to have a peek:


It seems quite comprehensive. However, I can’t find anything about simbrief or flight planning. Since its a G1000, I’m going to assume it will at least use the world map flightplan.

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Oh yes, easily affordable. I’ll have two!


For my flight planning I use Little Navmap what works pretty good with the G1000.

Another great video.

#47 Demo Flight in the Tecnam P2012 Traveller Twin - YouTube

I’ll stop posting links soon, I promise. :smiling_face:

What I would really like to see are some more reviews or impressions from people that got this plane, I haven’t bought it myself yet. Next paycheck! :wink:

Does zilair operate the P2012? In their webpage I could only find a P68 and Helicopters.

New user! https://zilair.com/news/adam-meets-eve/

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Awesome! I see the ICAO code is SYZ, what callsign do they use?