Testing major addons and communicating with the community

First, let me say I am not a basher, and I am very happy with sim update V. On my system it is VERY smooth right now, it was okay before, but perfect now, at the cost of some and very minor popping up items, i suspect are related to specific sceneries.
In addition, it allowed me to run VR in 100 render scale with all settings on Ultra and I thing it is a good patch.
However, when you break almost every major / more complex add on, it means you either did not test them properly or did not communicate with them properly.
These companies invest time and money into building these products - that we, you users - spend our money.
I understand the wanting to release to xbox. I assume it is worth a lot of money to MS/ASOBO and I have nothing against that crowd (though I assume most are more casual gamers than the PC users, much like the reality of gaming in other genres).
But it is US, the hardcore crowd, that will stick around for decades. And when you force FBW to remove its A20N from the marketplace, and you force Aerosoft to cancel their product, you lose the faith of the real community.
Just look at fselite or fsnews - stuff is still being created for X-plan and P3D. These products would have been blown away into oblivion had you managed this well.
I thin ASOBO should test PMDG, FBW, Just flight as part of your testing process, and reach out to these developer in time for them to respond before you release these patches.
You betray me, personally, when your change break something I paid for in your marketplace (such as the Switzerland Mesh or the Kitfox that has no gauges right now). I spent money on stuff that you broke, and when reaching for MS support for a refund you throw me away at the developers.
It doesn’t look good, and you see posts from people who leave this hobby. I am not going to, been on FS since before ASOBO existed or it was a microsoft franchise even. But come on. You need to up your game in this regard. My lesson here is to never take a chance with the market place. I get better support outside it.


It is indeed problematic when big updates break all DLC planes because this might cause a problem some day.

There might be DLC planes in the future which are getting released but become complete abandonware after a year or so, and these add-ons will cease to function when another huge update comes that change the functionality of addon-planes for some reason.

Of course the flight sim should be developed further, but some smaller development teams don´t care about their stuff anymore after some time and just leave their projects forever to wither.
This is sad when happening to freeware, but problematic when some 40$ plane or scenery is affected.

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I fail to see the what’s so terrible here. You speak about removal and cancellation as if those projects have been rendered useless permanently.

Usually, 3rd party products get updated soon after each sim update, so it’s generally a very temporal thing. And I’m not sure I would prefer the sim updates be postponed while 3rd party developers get their things fixed.

Of course, timely communication about SDK changes is important, but I have no knowledge as to how well this was handled by MS/Asobo.

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It’s mostly the same for every game with the ability to mod or have Addons, that updates break them.
There is no point in not releasing an Update because some Addons might not work. For that reason you are supposed to have an empty Community folder and ad them one by one.
We don’t know if they found a now go item in the Update that the developers had and changed it for that reason.
Of course the communication is kind of not existent. It’s a week now and it seems to be very quiet from MS/ASOBO side. Most of the Infos and problems we have are from 3rd party developers.

I think they should have deactivated the marcetplace, as long until the know for sure wich Addons are working.

Also the Sim should have the ability to deactivate all 3rd Party Content by itself, even if it’s from the Marketplace during Update.
So the SIM would start clean after the Update.
I would guess with that you would get rid of at least half of the CTD

It would be anoying at least, when you are able to purchase an Addon right now, which isn’t working correctly or in worst case crashes the whole SIM

Because old stable version is incompatible with new MSFS version.

Just to clarify, the goal to beta test is to test the GAME itself, not addons. However, as a beta tester, we did help FBW’s developper to fix the mod, but because of the NDA caracter of the SU5 BetaTesting Opportunity, only developpers inside the Beta were able to “patch”, which explain the delay for the primary SU5 FBW patch.

By the way, all other major (and some minor) developpers have to opportunity to be a part of this Beta, but changes in SU5 were so important they could’nt patch every issues as fast as customers would have wanted.

So please be kind to ASOBO, it’s not their job to patch 3rd party addons, even if (I agree), they could communicate to them.

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Not exactly.
MSFS is a platform that lives of addons. Payware addons, sold through the in game marketplace.
Imagine Goole breaking facebook, instagram and ms office apps on each Android upgrade?

Well, I don’t think some selected devs should have advantages over others.
It would have been sufficient to provide documentation for the SDK changes in time.

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You treat this wrong.
The game is a platform. ASOBO can’t keep breaking and expect the community to stay onboard.
If that is how the goal of beta is defined, ASOBO are missing the target.
The game itself is broken. You can no longer click in and out the buttons on the A320.

Stop using the Stable version as fbw recommend. It’s fully working

By the way, pro tip : if you map lights to a keyboard, they are fully working on the stable version (which isn’t recommend anymore)

in this case:


It should never be the game developer who test add ons or mods before releasing an update. This responsibility rests solely on mod developers.

If mod developers choose to create add ons for another product then they accept that their add on will always be behind the curve.

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If oyu have on look on their forum, it’s no canceled, it’s simply delayed before they found another solution.

Thats normal with such platforms. Look at P3D, most devs have to update their AddOns after every sim update. Its really not ASOBOS job to do that.


When the sim launched last year my intention was to buy only from the Market Place (MP). After 3.5 years with X-Plane 11 and loads of addons from multiple third party sites I was looking forward to addons from just one place, the MP, and to have hassle free automatic updates and an easy purchase procedure.

I have now come to the conclusion that (for me) it is not fit for purpose and I now buy only from 3rd parties. My reasons for this are:

(1) on steam I get no proof of purchase
(2) it takes too long for new products to come to the MP.
(3) the speed with which updates appear on the MP is abysmal
(4) I seem to get better support if I buy from 3rd parties

To me the MP is especially inefficient in handling new products and updates. Microsoft are not doing themselves any favours here and unless they ‘up their game’ a lot of other simmers will be doing like me and giving the MP a miss. They stand to lose quite a lot of revenue in my opinion because of the current convincing reasons to buy elsewhere.


You’re wrong mate.

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No I am not. By definition it is a platform, it has a marketplace. And you can see that products are being pulled out of it.
Do you know what apple and google do? before they release an Android and iOS breaking changes - and by before I mean MONTHS before - they release release candidates to developers. They document well the changes and they release - sometimes week after week - build for the developers to test.
As made clear by Aerosoft - a major partner - these changes came as a surprise to them.
Look at what was broken - PMDG DC6 needed to release an update. Aerosoft CRJ still not fixed. Aerosoft cancelled a product. FBW pulled out of the store. Their development build does work though. Kitfox wasn’t fixed. Carenado released a couple of fixes.
Obviously the carpet was just pulled below their feet.
And we don’t have complex airplanes yet. When Fenix, fslabs, PMDG boeings will be out these behavior will wreck it wll for real.

No. Its their job to communicate the changes and share devbuilds so the devs are able to be ready on time.

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Please read carefully.

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So what? I am not saying dev won’t have to update their addons.
I am saying MS/ASOBO should communicate with them and allow them time to adjust before breaking.
Just like Apple/Google do with mobile apps, and MS does with Office.

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