Texture Mess

Hope somebody can help me. My game has started to both look, and run really badly in the past week.
My ground textures seem to be only half formed. As you can see in the photo attached, my textues seem to be a mixture of high quality and very low quality, and you can even see the stitching.

This is taking off from Hallwell airfield in Devon, England, an airfield I have used without issue since December., This week its started to look like hot garbage, the runway is no longer even visibible as if Bing map data isn’t loading. But adjacent to it, the fields load the correct data.

I’ve noticed this hodgepodge of high and low-quality textures a lot in the past week in multiple areas.

Some parts look excellent, and parts right next to it look like they havent’ loaded properly.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I’ve deleted my rolling cache and community folders but no fix. Not sure if its something to do with Teredo?

Have you tried resetting your internet since this started happening?

I’ve reset my PC but not my router. I’ve just done a regedit for Teredo as well. As most of the textures look great I’m thinking it’s a Flight Sim problem rather than my PC, I mean why would most of the textures load in but not some?

I wonder if someone would mind taking off from Hallwell in Totnes, England and seeing for themselves. If you head towards the river Dart and the sea you’ll see the landscape literally go from old FSX quality to photorealistic. It used to be great everywhere, no a huge part of it looks like Bing maps data is missing.

In my picture you can see the left side looks great, the right side looks like something from 5 year ago.

And you’ve made sure your Bing data is on? MSFS has a habit of changing your options without you knowing. I think it happens when it thinks you have a bad internet connection.

(you didn’t say you checked it so I had to ask. I’ve had it happen to me, and I wondered “what the heck???” Then I noticed Bing data was off.)


The fact some data is possibly missing it’s definitely worth resetting your router and would have been the first thing I would have checked after the in sim settings. Sometimes the speeds can look normal but still cause issue’s.

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It’s definitely all selected on. I’ve reset my rolling cache too. Watching the boxing at the minute but will reset my router after and try again.

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You’re not alone. I’ve had this problem for over two months and hours of internet searches and settings tweaks does nothing. The game looks awful when it used to look awesome and there are others who have experienced it too. Only change I had made to my system was to increase RAM for 16 to 32. My best guess is it’s something on the network side where Asobo is limiting the textures we can download but why us and not others? I have no idea. I would love to have this fixed but the only mention from Asobo is “regional fixes” on the weekly update which I’m not confident will solve anything. Would love to hear if anyone has found a way to fix this cause I would like to fly this sim. But for now I’ll stick with X plane.


Is there a difference between Bing data being on and off?

If not, then there might be something wrong with you XBox log in. I had that one happen, too. And Bing wouldn’t turn on until I fixed it.

I had to log out of the store and Xbox, remove both the Store and the XBox apps, reboot, reload them, I think reboot again, then logged in, and it started working again.

So I set my Bing data to off and Hallwell looks the same leading me to think for some reason the sim isn’t pulling the Bing data for that area. Put Bing data back on and Hallwell still looks ■■■■ but the rest of the terrain looks good.

The screenshot below you can clearly see me leaving the terrible low res textures and moving to how its supposed to look.

Would anybody mind trying to replicate this for me? The airport is Hallwell, Totnes, Runway 27. If you take off and turn North East you’ll see some awful low resolution hills and roads. Head towards the river and the sea and after about a minute you’ll cross into the correct Bing texture map and it looks beautiful.

As you can see in the pic below.

I’m finding lots of areas of missing textures like this around Exeter as well. I also flew to Poole and Bournemouth and Bovington was so blurred out I figured it must be the military base there being removed?

Had this yesterday going from Doncaster to Manchester. Don’t use rolling cache and Bing data ON and photogrammetry Off and Multiplayer Off. Patches of blurry scenery and Sat images of motorway and after landing at default Manchester road traffic behaving erratically beside the runway!!! This was between 12:30 and 1:30pm GMT.

Simple request, easily done.

Same issue here at the same spot, although have been noticing this recently in other areas too.

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Where can you check Bing data settings?


Thanks for doing this, I’m glad it’s not something wrong with my system at least! I spent 40 minutes this morning flying from Hallwell to Exeter and back again and the rest of the scenery looked superb, but come back to Hallwell and there’s a couple of square kilometers that the Bing data seems missing from. Hopefully they will fix it at the next update…

By the way, what on earth are you flying???

You’re welcome, know the area well but havn’t been there in years so was a good opportunity to go revisit. Currently following the A38 up from Penn Inn now back to Exekkketer !

Flying the FlyInside Bell 47G


I wish we could get an official update on what is happening


Closing topic as Solution provided by OP. Please contribute to the topics in #bugs-and-issues Thank you.