The best "fix" for MSFS is "honesty"

I don’t want use that garbage what you’re using, sry…

I have mixed views on your post. You could have sent this email to any software developer for a major new release. Honesty is the way to go, but not necessirly to us, I think they needed to be honest with themselves…

Asobo and Microsoft needed to have a proper beta period where they just consolidated and fixed issues, to me this was the biggest fix which didn’t happen, maybe they lied to themselves, they were not honest to themselves about the state of the sim, otheriwse I can’t understand why the beta period was so short, to me this was the biggest failing.

We know this is a long term project, so what’s done is done and Asobo and Microsoft have setup the vote system now which is great and will update the feedback on a weekly bases. Lets look forward not back :slight_smile:

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Worse, I’m afraid.

Its gone again could you tell me how to get the app again to start 2020 please Again stops at the mountain

I throw a stick of dynamite down the drain and hope for the best …

I’ve been using computers / software since they have existed. I can honestly say this is the worst release software I have ever experienced and Im a windows insider lol…

More then likely some marketing geek said “Oh look at all these bored people that are afraid to go outside because of the pandemic. Now would be a good time to release this because we’ll more then likely garner more sales now then we would if there wasnt a pandemic.”

Its like the new generations seem to be alright with the idea that bugs will be there. Tell me this you go out and spend a huge amount of money on a new car. Its the best car you or anyone has ever seen. You get the car and start driving it. All of a sudden something runs out in front of you, and you slam on the brakes, except the brakes fail to respond. You contact the company who says, Oh yeah thats a known problem but were working hard to fix it please bear with us. Other owners of the same car say, well they’ll get it fixed sooner or later, no big deal everything is released with bugs. REALLY???


The rest of the story in case it may help you.

So, first step, I went here…

Nothing abut my problem….

Found an older Zendesk article here …

I even went through that process including un-installing, downloading and completely re-installing the entire Fight Simulator 2020 (Premier Edition), not once … but, 5 times! None of which solved the problem. Why? It’s simple …the Microsoft Store version for download is the same version I have already installed! It would never occur to them to have the previous version online through a link for people to download, so they can retroactively solve problems by re-installing previous versions.

So, next …

I call Microsoft 1-800 support number. I spent four hours on the phone with somebody with English as a second language, who kept asking me information that was irrelevant to the problem. To add insult to injury during that same four hours … twice the first line support person went to transfer me to a technical support specialist. While I was on hold as they were doing that, twice the line dropped and I had to start the whole process all over again, kofta course with a different person!

Finally, they put an Xbox support person on the line telling me that it’s Xbox group that supports Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. I don’t even have an Xbox! That technician said he would try to help me with my PC problem. He then logged on remotely to my PC and went through a whole troubleshooting process to figure out what I already knew. His conclusion was that there’s a problem with the update! He then assigned me a trouble ticket number and said he would forward the problem to the developer, and he thought we would get an answer in a few days. He added that he has seen several customers with the exact same problem with this recent update.

Of course I’ve heard nothing back from anybody which is not surprising. To be honest I’m tired of being a beta test site for Microsoft and I just want my money back.

Anyway, somewhere there’s a person who knows what others need to do to get this update to load past that "Touch Any Key to Continue” phrase. Where are you?

BTW, I sent this to Zendesk support but never received a reply from them either. What a shock! :rofl:


Thanks for letting me know that taking off sim and reload is no good Hope some good news comes soon after wasting £1400 on up grading my computer What a mess

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They lies, really.

I’ve found their problem with synchro account on MS Store and somehow was lucky to solve that because MS Store doesn’t show what it need show as clue. Then I bypassed that Insert Disk message and after that sent to Zendesk what I think about their system. After that no message again to me :wink:

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Yes, you are correct… People like me wouldn’t have many posts complaining about how this sim was advertised as one thing and sold as another. Regardless of the fact it is a complex piece of software. If, as the OP says, it was released with the honest information, my (and most) posts would not be so “complainy”.
Do you have a problem with truth in advertising?


Lol car can involve life and death situation definitely wouldn’t want those severe bugs

I’m not sure they were blatantly dishonest. I’m maintaining they could not execute on their release plans. Seems like they have some testing because they found the issue with vfr map, but they just don’t believe it’s crucial to fix. The two patches were not helpful to prove that they could execute. They’ve admitted to having issues with process on their Q&A.

No, only with trolls that I have to block and people who refuse to understand the law and people who think MS/Asobo is responsible for Youtubers videos.

But I suppose if the intention is to complain repeatedly just for the sake of complaining one can simply lie and imply that MS/Asobo did all the advertising.

I believe the developers and MS were “sincere” and want to , seriously and with commitment, correct the issues. But that is a different topic.

Unless one believes that, after a year of testing by many people, something like the airlines not being able to execute a simple IFR flight, ATC giving wrong directions, etc. just happened to not get noticed, the devs HAD to know of these issues.

OK, it’s complex software, an amazing new platform that I believe can lay the groundwork for the sim we’ve all dreamed of. But! Again- the title of this post- IF it had been released with an honest statement about the major bugs they had to have known about- if it had been sold with the explanation that it was “early access” or “beta” or whatever… THAT would have been HONEST. That’s all we “complainers” are saying.

By the way, some folks love the “Trolls” scapegoat. You don’t agree with someone and you are a “troll!” Great! I’ll take the title if I can continue to make a valid point.

Similarly, at the other extreme of apparently just about every thread, You don’t agree with someone and you are a “fanboy”.

That should be proof enough that, in either direction, name calling adds absolutely nothing to the argument the writer is trying to make.

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They knew about the bugs. This is a veteran company. I do not believe they could be that naive about the bugs. They just didn’t prioritize it but they also don’t hold patches/releases back for bugs. Let’s say they didn’t say they never found these bugs either.

At least they think highly? of us consumers to know we can browse the helpful forum posts here that discuss bugs and experiments to try to get to workarounds.

Agreed… Namecalling adds nothing.

Name calling is unacceptable in either direction. I have seen a lot more direct attacks on a posters intelligence or financial ability from one of these sides.

Very well said WareagleX16.

Honesty is rare, but much appreciated from many - including myself (Polite honesty, of course)

Personally I would have paid for an early access version because I want this sim to succeed in the long run and because I am happy that Microsoft Flight Simulator is back.

You should talk for yourself, not for “all.”

I guarantee you don’t speak for me and many, many others (the vast majority who doesn’t spend days whining on forums but instead is happily flying. I would be too if I wasn’t stuck at work).

If you think this release is not par for the course of commercial flight simulators and if you expected anything different, this must be your first rodeo with a flight sim of this caliber at launch. The complexity of this kind of product means that endemic issues like this will happen for a while.

Even more so, before you go around demanding to teach Asobo to be open like you know any better, you should probably watch this interview. It isn’t the first that expresses the same concepts.

The developers have been very open from the start about the fact that this would have been a product in flux. Either you opted not to listen, or you simply did not pay attention.

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I’ve already said this (possibly more than once) but if we just keep our discussion to the point of the title of this thread…“Honesty” (what I call truth in advertising) If, as the OP said, MS/ASOBO had just sold this as an unfinished (and mainly VFR) flight sim, with e promise to get the other features working, then these Forum posts would be rid of 90% of the complaints! We would have either not bought the sim yet, or bought it and knew what we were getting.
I am still enjoying the few things I can get out of it, but I totally agree with the OP.