This new patch has made me stop playing

Same. The game is not fun. It is not relaxing. I can just watch YouTube videos of pilots flying their planes. Maybe I’ll come back to this at some point, but right now I just want my money back.

I’m pretty sure like in most situations with software development, the bean counters wanted it out the door so they could start to getting cash flowing on their years of income-less investment in the game.

But yes, it’s a gigantic leap in terms of sim tech. To expect it would be perfect on launch is unrealistic. However, some of the glaring issues that have been there and well known since the alpha stages are still there as well. And that makes it a bit of a bitter pill to swallow.

But I’m confident issues will get ironed out. I’m just not that hopeful it will happen in the short term.

Same here. Lack of sensitivity settings is really a no go for me. I thought that I’ll just enable the autopilot in Bonanza but nope. It tried to kill me. Imma take a break till the next patch.

I have uninstall the sim (first time i do that since FSII and not because a next version is coming).
I will come back in a few month, and only if i see that it takes the way of a simulator and if Asobo are decided to take in account users’ feedbacks and enhance their skills in modeling aircraft / avionic and…finally, their knowledge of aviation.
This sim is really, really beautiful, but…that’s the only point it is better than FSX, it is under for all other aspect.
For what i see, i doubt they can make a good sim (and stable) of the same level of P3D or XP before months perhaps year(s).
See ya MSFS ! perhaps

I have same problem at 3.19 MiB goes to 3% an then back to 0 hope they fix this soon