Throttle issues PLEASE FIX

Please. I try to stop fixing things when I see myself getting frustrated. Getting frustrated with this sim is the last thing I want bc generally the sim provides me with my favorite entertainment.

First it was the F-35 throttle issue.
Today I jump in the Hawk, a throttle issue.
I mess around with the bindings(something I prefer not to do), and I get it to where the throttle for the Hawk and F-35, both work without me having to change the bindings for either.

Then I jump into the CY-57 as I wanted to see the performance change since the update. Throttle issue.

I think it’s reasonable for the user to expect to be able to jump into any plane, and the throttle works the same for all of them. It used to be that way just a couple weeks ago.

I have no idea how long it will take for me to do a complete re-install, plus download all my purchases again, but I am wondering if that would help and if so how long would it take?

Hi @JoylessTunic738

Please join this thread instead and vote if you see fit. Thanks!