Throttle not responding again

Will thsi bug ever be fixed when you launch a flight and the throttles just do not respond to ANY input be it throttle quadrant, keyboard, mouse this is very strange this is not getting picked up on by the developers and fixed. This randomly happens and is not aircraft specific to a any one kind.

USB port asleep?

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Try remapping Throttle to Throttle 1. Does it work then?


I experienced it today. Its because your mouse is over the atc or autopilot window, even if its not visible (the mouse) just move the mouse out of the window and the throttle responds.
I thought this was a known issue from the beta test.

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Folks - please consider participating in this bug report, and report in particular AIrcraft types affected, both mod and stock, and what hardware controllers you’re using. Thanks!


<@778566543264448572> How’s the new update working for you? I think I found a toolbar bug. Whenever I click on anything toolbar related, ie. ATC, navigraph , my honeycomb Alpha/Bravo stop working. I have to mouse over something in the cockpit, really anything, click on it and then the Alpha /Bravo start to work again. Any idea what this could be?

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Did you read the above post?

My throttle is not working with 3rd party planes?

Did you change the throttle setting to throttle1 as mentioned above?

Would you mind explaining to me how to do that?

Go into your power settings, remove throttle Axis, and then select and activate Throttle axis1 for your throttle control.

Thank you I will try it.

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I run into exactly the same problem today, twice, for the first time!

I was in the Aerosoft CRJ550 in VR. The throttle quadrant I use is the Honeycomb Bravo.
In my case, it was the Navigraph window. Once I closed it, I re-gained controll over my throttles.

In my case, the two levers are mapped to throttle axis 1 and 2.

…this is a serious bug!

How do we turn that into a voting item?

Mine seems to deploy reverses everytime I move the throttle levers. When I put the levers back to neutral reverse disengages

Ahem. A few posts earlier in the thread?

Ups! My bad :nerd_face:

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I have used the beta with no problem, but today runing after release, i get stuck in reverser after toggeling on once. Strange

Hi I can’t find the throttle axis 1 anywhere?

Hmm go Options / Controller Settings then whatever controller you use (keyboard or quadrant etc)

Type “Throttle Axis” or “Axis” or “axis” in the Search box on the left, you’ll find keys / buttons assigned.