Throttle problem with 1-6-22 update

Throttle intermittently won’t move. My hardware has no problem.

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If you are clicked into a menu box, it seems to block control systems. Click away from a ATC, MAP or othe rmenue

Same. Are you in VR? Or 2d too?

Holding the right mouse button to look around the cockpit also blocks flight control input. This issue was introduced several updates ago. Not sure if that’s your problem or not.

Had the same problem. Found out some 3rd party planes have been having problems with the BETA and thus with todays update.

Normally it can be easily resolved by switching the throttle controls from “Throttle Axis” to “Throttle 1 Axis”. In case the problem occurs with a multi-engined plane, use both “Throttle 1 Axis” and “Throttle 2 Axis” etc.

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I’m in VR.

Folks - please consider participating in this bug report, and report in particular AIrcraft types affected, both mod and stock, and what hardware controllers you’re using. Thanks!

Tried a flight today, & didn’t leave ATC window open, had no throttle problem.

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