Thrustmaster USB Joystick not recognized!

Hello, is there anyone who has got this peripheral? Any help in control mapping or key bindings? Any news about the possibility to fix this problem with the next update?
Drivers are updated, Windows 10 joystick calibration has been successfully done, Steam controller settings done.

Thanks in advance for your help.

i took my TM driver out ( uninstall) and calibrated the joystick and throttle with Windows 10 device application, find your hardware, right click highlight what you have in the box, go to properties, choose settings and calibrate, close go to msfs2020, go to sensitivity apply -40% and -3% deadzone, as per Squirrel vid, and thereafter just mapped the keys.

Ensure you have the appropriate drivers installed for the thrustmaster also

There are a number of good references now to help you with setting up custom bindings. It’s worth learning how to do this because you get a huge amount of flexibility with setting up your controllers exactly the way you want. Of course for controllers that don’t have default profiles already set up in the sim you don’t exactly have a choice :slight_smile:

And this one on the Camera system:


Thrustmaster is a brand and they make or have made a ton of different model controllers over the years. My cheapie controller - a Thrustmaster T.Flightstick X bought years ago to play old DOS Star Wars games like X-Wing and TIE Fighter series games through DOSbox - was recognized as soon as I booted up MSFS2020 with a full set of well-thought out default key-bindings for all the buttons, the POV hat setup for camera views, the throttle setup correctly, etc.

All I had to do was adjust the deadzone and sensitivity and I was good to go.

I have a thrust master USB joystick. Had all kinds of problems with recognition, eventual attempts to map the keys, and the autopilot working properly. I traced it down that instead of plugging them in to a 2.0 USB it should be a 3.0 USB. Everything working fine now. Not sure that is your problem but it’s worth looking into.

thank you i shall take a look at that