[TIP] Add a copilot to your aircraft (and passengers too!)

It works for me on the a320 mod but got a bug: when I start the engines, the wipers go on and cannot be stopped.

Nice to have a friend in the cockpit however.


yes, i have the same for TBM, some functions disappear from the front panel, i have tried with LOD02 to 5 and all shows pilot and copilot but the front panel becomes more and more minimalist. The LOD01 is the best one, but some critical commands are missing …

So choice is full commands “or” friend in cockpit :slight_smile:


sorry, correct, it does show the pilots inside but the wipers are wearing out too quick lol

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Hey guys just wanted to let you know I have found a way to place the pilot and co-pilot models into the cockpit at LOD level 0. I am just working on completing a mod to enable it for all the base planes but it is just taking a little while to edit them into every cockpit model.

Here is a little preview for you all, it’s not reducing the LOD levels of the cockpit at all so all buttons etc operate correctly and windshield effects and reflections still work (and the wipers turn off!). The animations you see in the external view (looking around etc) are all working too. Just wanted to let you all know you can look forward to having some company in the skies real soon! I will keep you updated on when I can get it fully released, shouldn’t be too long though if all goes well!

P.S. Thanks to CptLucky8 as without this thread I wouldn’t have even thought to look at the .gltf files to see if this was possible :slight_smile:


This sounds great! The ideal solution would be a script (for the sake of transparency) doing the merging of the entries for the pilots into the LOD0 file, so that you can do this with any futur update more easily.

I believe you’re talking about this post in particular isn’t it?
Visible co-pilot in first person view - #17 by CptLucky8

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Can you confirm you’re adding the json entries but there are no additional references to the indices and vertices data arrays (which are in fact the equivalent of the index and vertex buffers in the 3D API), unlike the other parts of the model where these are embedded in the accompanying .bin file(s)?

The next step will ne to spawn a few more in passenger seats. This should give good results in the CRJ and the K350, but It might be not possible we can’t get different passenger types.

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Whao, excellent!!
Waiting the script !!

Great news ! I was sad for all the issues but thanks for all the efforts!
I was about to post a suggestion to Asobo.

Got it, very easy to add!!


In short (try only if you feel you’re skilled enough):

1.) use a tool which helps counting the json array sizes for you like this one:


2.) In the “nodes” array:

Append the pilot/copilot entry.

You can copy this entry from the LOD01.gltf file (usually it is the last node but you can search the content with “PILOT_0” and/or “PILOT_1”.

3.) In the "scenes": [ { "nodes": [ array (it should be right after the nodes array seen above):

Append the new node index!

Example with the default C152

Loading the C152_cockpit_LOD00.gltf file in the online editor reveals there are 247 nodes (numbered 0 to 246)

original last node
         "translation": [
         "rotation": [
         "scale": [
         "mesh": 229,
         "name": "NAV_Knob_OnOff_1"

Therefore appending the copilot entry found in the LOD01 file makes it node # 247.

added copilot node
         "mesh": 229,
         "name": "NAV_Knob_OnOff_1"
         "translation": [
         "rotation": [
         "scale": [
         "name": "PILOT_1"

Just append 247 in the nodes array which ends like this:


You’re done!

“translation” values

This is a tuple of XYZ offsets in meters:

  • 1st value is +left
  • 2nd value is +up
  • 3rd value is +fwd

It is very easy to reposition the model:

  • edit the value and save the file
  • open the developer mode Aircraft Selector (can keep it open during trial & error)
  • just press the Load button

Now I’ll explore passengers…


The mod is up on Nexus Mods now, check it out!

Let me know if anyone gets any issues, haven’t had much time to test it and probably won’t the next few days so give me a heads up if anything doesn’t work.

I tried to make it work with the A32NX and it should fix the wiper issue (does for me at least) and the V/S knob in the TBM etc. Give it a try!

Yeah that was pretty much it!

Some of the cockpit models had some weirdness with them (like I think the two pilot models are somehow linked in the Cadet as I can’t get it to show just one) so had to do it all by hand in VSCode but wasn’t too crazy difficult to do in the end thankfully!

Should make those long flights a bit more immersive and less lonely anyway :smiley:

EDIT: Thinking about the passengers, the nodes contain all the transformation and rotation information, so, with enough trial and error you could align a node to a passenger seat and theoretically get some passengers in the aircraft too.

The only problem I see with this is that you cannot change the model, that is selected by the user in the menu and these new nodes are just clones of those. So whilst you probably could add passengers using this method, they would all be clones of the two pilot models which have been selected by the user.

It is so deceptively simple it makes me wondering why didn’t they add this in all aircraft and just enabling/disabling the copilot based on the W&B sheet… It is the kind of game feature with very little implementation and support workload but enormous wow return.

As for PAX, there is a 3rd one: the instructor… :wink: PILOT_2 maybe?

Or if you only add the 1st officer, you have PILOT_0 and PILOT_2 avail for PAX!

update: didn’t try yet but internal code in Flight Simultor.exe seems to only deal with pilot/copilot pair. This means we can most likely only have 2 characters but we can probably repurpose the pilot into a pax for visuals only!

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Yeah it was deceptively simple, I was surprised they hadn’t done it either. I guess they thought if it came as part of the base package it would need to be much more polished. Like animations for the rudder pedals and yoke or something, it’s the only explanation I can think of. That or they thought they’d need to spend time making higher quality models, although I think they look just fine as is, even close up.

Hmmm, yeah I didn’t think about the instructor, would be a great solution, shame it seems it might not work though :frowning:

Although you are definitely right, if you run without the Pilot model, as I expect most people would, it frees up a model for a passenger. Perhaps in some planes with club seating (like the Bonanza or TBM) you could sit a clone or two facing away from the cockpit and it wouldn’t be too obvious!

Would love to see if it could work, even a couple passengers in the TBM for example would make a huge difference, could role-play taking family and friends to different places, great fun :smiley:

Let me know if you have any luck, and of course, feel free to use any of the files from the above mod if it helps in any way with passengers!

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I’ve updated my post above with more details about the “translation” values.

Example with the CJ4: :slight_smile:


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thanks but where should we put these elements ?

here ?

just replace ?

not good, when i copy these 3 files for the TBM, it just disappear from the list of available aircrafts in MSFS
i can get it back when i copy the backup files.

maybe because i have the Breitling livery on it ?

The same thing happened to me

@BravoMike472413 @LUCFLA Why playing with matches? A community folder mod, like the name implies, is a mod which is contained in a folder you’d copy into the FS2020 Community folder. It is not a bunch of files you manually pick and replace originals with… There are plenty of posts here and elsewhere explaining what is a community mod. You might want to search and get this information prior trying these?

ok got it thanks!

Hmm ok thks
Maybe not for me :slight_smile:

It worked thanks!

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