To find liveries of aircraft

I should like download liveries of Easy jet an Air France, where is it possible to obtain this or these sites? is pretty much the biggest out there.

Please note that this method may not work because the liveries are out of date:

You can find them here: [LEGACY] Airline Livery Lists - #81 by Ryanosaurs13

Click here to see the steps to Install
  • Decompress the liverie(s) inside your community folder (make sure the sim is closed).
  • Then start the simulator and take a look to the hangar.
  • Select the aircraft to which you have installed the livery.
  • Press liveries button in order to see the instaled ones if you see the liveries you selected, it means it was installed correctly.

Recommended method:

Or if you preffer, you can join to the discord Mega pack, it contains all liveries for all airplanes, to install them just follow the steps mentioned above (They are found in: DOWNLOADS → liveries within the discord server):

As “DownLow70” said… For me they are the best out there for Liveries and addons. :smiley:

Very well, thank you, I have followed your information.

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