Toggling nameplates in-flight

I really hope a feature is added that allows us to toggle the display of nameplates with a single key-strike in flight without having to essentially pause our flight and go into menu.

yes. very useful for quickly finding a nearby friend without constantly cluttering up your view

This would be helpful for sure.

Speaking of, have you been able to see nameplates for AI aircraft? I was in the first release before any patches, but now I can’t see AI nameplates.

I was flying earlier today and seeing both AI and multiplayer nameplates.

Hmm… I haven’t seen AI nameplates in a while. I haven’t changed anything. I even reinstalled MSFS once.

Hi @tackleberryw, I completely agree. This is especially useful for those who like to do a lot of formation flying. Since there is already an existing topic on this with 33+ votes, I am going to mark this one as closed. Would encourage everyone going to the topic below and hitting the vote button, that way the votes are not split between multiple posts. Thanks for understanding.